4 Essential Tools For Social Media Managers

9 December 2019| Post by Matt3 minutes


Here at Limely, we do more than just dabble in Social Media Management – it’s just a normal part of Creative Writer Charlotte’s day.

But there are certain tools available which do wonders to help get the job done and reap all the positive effects that social media can bring. And with the festive season in full swing, any extra attention for your clients will come in handy!

With that said, we thought we’d share with you some of the things that we have found to help with Social Media Management.

So, Social Media specialists – listen up!

Facebook’s Creator Studio

For those who have been put in charge of social media, this little online tool is such a lifesaver. As you will already know, Facebook and Instagram are both owned by Mr Zuckerberg, and they kindly did all Social Media Managers around the world a solid by creating Creator Studio.

By syncing up your accounts with Creator Studio, it allows you to upload, track and analyse your posts. Not only can you schedule both Instagram and Facebook posts, but you are also given insight to how your posts are doing in terms of views, likes and clicks.

It works out, according to your usual audience, when the best time is to post your content, as well as your typical target audience. This allows you to adapt your future to posts to your general audience, enabling you to attract all the attention that your post deserves.


Trello is an online tool which allows you to not only list your future/planned posts but actively share those with your client. With full access on both ends, you can easily converse with your client about each planned post; sharing information, feedback, pictures and even shifting things from ideas, to in-process and then to done. Inform your client of your activity all whilst keeping a close eye on your work. Sorted.


Yes, it’s another scheduling tool, but who doesn’t love being an organised social media manager? Asana is a web tool that will replace all of your written checklists that are scribbled on post-its and your napkins from lunch.

A task organiser, calendar and checklist all in one, Asana enables you to sort and schedule all of your content. So, for those who manage more than one platform, Asana is amazing for keeping your brain clear and content, top-notch.


As all great Social Media Managers know, some posts call for some great images to bring it all together. Unsplash is a free, online image provider which supplies a gallery of high quality, license-free images for you to use for your social media posts. With a handy search bar, you are able to pop in those keywords and find the perfect picture to add a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your social post.

Are you in need of some social media management? Well, we can do that for you! Let us put our favourite tools to some use –  Contact Limely today!


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