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Nowadays, exercising and working out is becoming more and more popular. Thanks so the rise of social media, as well as easier accessibility to free home workouts, it’s not just exercising that has become popular, but the clothes you wear whilst doing so. It’s important to be dressed in the right attire when working out to achieve the utmost comfort and ability when you moving and grooving. Plus, with sportswear coming in various styles, colours and patterns, you can look good whilst doing it too.

You can find many sport and gym wear providers online that stock a wide range of clothes and kit for a variety of sports and exercise purposes. We thought we’d dive into this industry and share with you some of our favourite sportswear websites designs that in our eyes tick every box when it comes to user experience and ecommerce. Take a look!

1. Fabletics

Simple yet very effective, Fabletics use video and high-quality imagery to showcase their products, as well as lots of accessible call to action links that take users straight to their products allowing for a smooth and easy shopping experience.

2. SweatyBetty

Clean and crisp designs, as well as quality images of their own products, make SweatyBetty’s site easy to navigate whilst being a pleasure for the eyes. With everything a user would need right there in front of them, it helps to swiftly turn browsers into buyers.

3. Lululemon

With lots of buttons and links, as well as an accessible search bar, Lululemon make sure their users can find exactly what they’re looking for. Their simple design puts more focus on their product and serves its purpose for a target audience that know exactly what they’re looking for.

4. Pursue Fitness

Using their images as their main focus point, they allow they’re products to do the talking; enticing their users to click and find out more.

5. Ryder Wear

A clear navigation menu and beautiful imagery not only makes Ryderwear’s site easy to use but their attractive site and stylish design effectively reflects the quality of their products and service.

6. Bamboo Clothing

Bamboo clothing put a great focus on their unique selling point which draws in users to find out more. They funnel their users straight to their products through the use of strategically placed buttons and demonstrate the quality of their products through effective copy.

7. Nike

A well-known brand, Nike use this reputation well by putting a lot of focus on their products through high-quality images and a sleek and clean design.

8. JD Sport

Utilising their integration of a reviews platform, JD Sports evokes trust and reliability for the user. This is also brought about by highlighting their products that come from well-known brands.

9. Adidas

A reputable brand such as Adidas don’t call for heavy marketing. They’ve stuck to a sleek and simple design and let their products do the talking with artistic imagery.

10. Sports Direct

Clearly displaying the high-end brands they stock not only evokes trust for the brand but encourages the user to delve further which is easy to do with such a clear and easy navigation menu.

11. 11 Degrees

11 Degrees uses their images well and makes sure that everything is on brand and pointing towards their clear target audience. Everything the user may need to shop and browse is right there in front of them making for a smooth shopping experience.

12. Puma

A unique colour palette, it truly reflects their brand. Their images demonstrates the quality of their products and their search bar is clear and accessible, making for easy browsing.

13. Reebok

A simple yet effective overall design, Reebok have made a site that is as attractive as it is easy to use, making for an unforgettable shopping experience users will want to return to.

14. Champion

Champion’s overall design reflects their unique style and effectively demonstrates their target audience.

15. Salomon

What could be considered a great all rounded, Salomon use effective copy, sleek and beautiful designs and an easy to use navigation menu to achieve ecommerce greatness. Integrating their social media platforms, they make sure to spread awareness of their brand and stand out amongst their competitors.

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