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Five Different Ways to Design Your Meet the Team Page


‘Meet the Team’ pages are more important than you might think. But not everyone has one and not everyone that does will execute it well.

Think about it like this: your website is one of your greatest marketing tools – why wouldn’t you want to put real faces and personality behind your company name? A good ‘Meet the Team’ page can do just that. We’ve scoured the web for some great examples of team pages, from the professional and formal to the silly and creative. Feast your eyes on these!

Five different ways to design your ‘Meet the Team’ page

Whether you’ve got an in-house design team or you’re outsourcing the work, it’s handy to have a list of inspiration to make sure your ‘Meet the Team’ page is designed well. It’s so important for companies to get this part of their website right – particularly B2B companies or businesses focusing on client services rather than just straight product-selling. Here’s a little inspo to get you going…

1. Focus on the friendly faces

Sometimes, we need to keep it simple. Your team page has a pretty basic goal: to introduce potential clients to the people behind your company. So, why not strip things back and focus on the photography of your team’s faces? Whether you want to pull serious faces or smiles is up to you. You can also add a hover effect or click through to a pop-up to add more information about each employee. Here’s a little example of a photography-focused team page we designed for a client (Solicitor Assist). We think it looks fresh, modern and most importantly, super friendly!



2. Use photography, but keep it corporate

So, you might like the idea of showing your faces and taking professional photographs but you want to make it more corporate. There is absolutely nothing wrong with adding a more serious tone to your team page, especially if you think this will suit your clientele’s needs more. And don’t forget, you can still smile. You don’t have to look serious! Here’s another example of a design we did for a client (Bolton Birch). Looking away from the camera, applying a black and white filter with a grey overlay and using a Serif font over the images created a more professional yet still personable effect.



3. Opt for cartoons and illustrations

Maybe photography life isn’t for you. If you have an in-house illustrator or know someone who could help you out, you may wish to go down the cartoon route for your ‘Meet the Team’ page. You could either go super detailed like Yoast’s employee avatars or use simple outlines like the example below. We’ve picked out the team page from agency 6tematik because we just love the way they’ve combined silhouettes with their stand-out brand colours. A unique way to do things – and stay memorable in potential clients’ minds.

4. Get physical with video and animation

Want to take things a little further? Why not jump on the latest web bandwagon and bring your site to life with more video. There’s no denying that video really is taking over the internet; people want to be captured and entertained 24/7. We’ve found this fantastic example from agency Humaan, based in Australia. It’s not gonna be for everyone but you can’t deny these clever cinemagraphs are particularly charming. This could work well for a company who really wants to show off their creativity.

4. Go for something totally different

Who says you have to use mugshots at all? This might suit your business if your team is particularly camera-shy, or if you want to show off a more quirky side to your personality. We really like what French agency Globule Bleu have done with their team page, using little snapshots of stuff they like – including Lego, beer and cheese. It really shows off the company’s playful side without even needing to see anyone’s face! Clever.

If you’re looking for a new ‘Meet the Team’ page or, better yet, a whole website revamp, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Here at Limely, we’re the experts in UI/UX design and bringing your brand to life online – all it takes is a simple phone call or message to get the balling. Let us meet your team 


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