These Websites Reveal Cool Stuff That Happened on Your Birthday

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We’re putting meaning back into your boring adult birthday and giving you something to get excited about. Why wouldn’t you want to know if you share your birthday with Britney Spears or Hugh Jackman?

When you’re a kid, your birthday is pretty much the most exciting day of the year – except Christmas. You get to take sweets into school, you’re basically a celebrity for the day and if you’re lucky, you get to have a party. And of course, there are presents and getting another year older (which used to be cool). As adults, birthdays just aren’t that exciting. So, we have to find some sort of meaning within our birthdays. That’s where websites like these come in handy. Who needs to take sweets into school when you can find out what song was number one when you were born?

Everything you need to know about your bday

Your birth date really is special – after all, you being born wasn’t the only thing that happened that day. We’ve rounded up our favourite websites that reveal everything you ever needed to know about what else happened on your birthday. We reckon the movie that was #1 in the box office when you were born says a lot about you as a person. And whether you think this is a load of rubbish or not, it’ll certainly help pass the time while you count down the hours until your Friday night.

Your celebrity twin

There’s nothing more satisfying than finding out your fave celeb shares your birthday. That means you’re basically invited to their VIP party now, right? Famousbirthdays.com is the best website out there for this and it’s updated regularly to include rising stars from all walks of life (like YouTube and social media, if they count as celebs). So, even your kids will like this one. Our designer Emma was born on the same day as Megan Fox!

Find out which celebrities you share your birthday with here.

Birthday box office hit

Knowing which movie was top of the box office when you came out of the womb is pretty telling for how the rest of your life’s gonna go. At least, that’s what someone on Twitter said this morning. So, we decided to find out for ourselves, using playback.fm. Our creative writer Emma got From Dusk till Dawn by Quentin Tarantino which is a little worrying and, well, chaotic.

Find out which film was #1 in the box office when you were born here.

Number one in the charts

Your mum and dad might have been singing nursery rhymes but everyone else was singing whatever was top of the charts. This is possibly our favourite website of the bunch and has provided us with endless amusement in the office, lately. We don’t know why it’s so exciting but it just is, okay? If you want to know what was number one when you were born and on every subsequent birthday, mybirthdayhits.co.uk is your new best friend. Designer and director Adam was born to The Reflex by Duran Duran – nice.

Find out what song was number one when you were born here.

Alternative age calculations

Who cares about how many years you have? Age is just a number. Which is exactly why howlonghaveibeenalivefor.com is so interesting. Type in your birthday (the American way, month first) and it’ll tell you how long you’ve been alive for in lots of other measurements aside from years. For example, our writer Emma has lived for 154 equivalent dog years, 8,308 days and 0.00000009896839071427 galactic years  Useful.

Find out how long you’ve been alive here.

Historical events

Ever wondered what really important stuff happened outside of the room when you were born? onthisday.com has the answer. It’s not strictly a birthday-related website but you can search any date and it’ll tell you loads of stuff that happened, from sports wins to famous deaths. For example, on project manager Matt’s 12th birthday, Steve Jobs was named CEO of Apple. Destined for great things, obviously ✨

Find out what else happened the day you were born here.

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