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Niko Moustoukas

When buying gifts for family, friends and that special someone – with jewellery, you can never go wrong.

And with many well-known jewellers and high-end brands online, we can remain discrete and add the essence of surprise to this perfect gift.

No matter the brand or the company, jewellery and accessories can be considered a luxury product, one that can be marketed towards anyone and everyone. Easy to achieve in a store, it’s interesting to see how online jewellery stores portray not only their unique brand and how they stand out amongst their competitors but that level of luxury and indulgence.

With that said, we thought we’d bring to you our Top 15 Jewellery Websites who have effectively created a space that is not only customer friendly but provides a flawless shopping experience vital for successful ecommerce.

1. Pandora

Pandora effortlessly brings the essence of their high street store to their online space through their simple yet sleek designs and carefully chosen colour palette.

2. Tiffany 

A highly reputable brand, Tiffany has a simple site that allows their products to do the talking whilst providing clear navigation with an easy and accessible menu.

3. Thomas Sabo

Simple yet effective, Thomas Sabo uses effective content and modern designs to showcase their products and entice users to find out more.


4. Swarovski

Beautiful imagery, sleek and simple designs and great product focus, Swarovski effectively replicates the feeling of luxury and quality that their high-end brand evokes.

5. Rolex

Rolex’s site provides a great example of how effective video can be on a home page. Being such a well-known brand, Rolex out their products at the centre of it all in order to showcase the quality they are known for.

6. Olivia Burton

Olivia Burton has interlaced their branding throughout their website, making it a great online space that effectively represents their brand and demonstrates the quality of what they offer. This is paired with easy navigation and other features that make for a smooth shopping experience.

7. Boodles

Beautiful colours, imagery and design, Boodles have truly captured quality and elegance in their site which rightly reflects the type of products they have to offer.

8. Regal Rose

Regal Rose market to a slightly different audience and this can clearly be seen in their site through their design and copy.

9. Bulgari

Displaying everything a user might need for a flawless shopping experience right there on the homepage demonstrates Bulgari’s attention to customer needs and their understanding of what an ecommerce site needs to have in order to sustain success.

10. Monica Vinader

Monica Vinader provides a fresh look for their jewellery store with their use of images, all whilst sticking to that simple yet elegant design which captures the nature of their products.

11. Orelia

With a fun and unique design that includes a simple menu and plenty of product images, Orelia set the precedent for their brand and their products.


12. Ernest Jones

Ernest Jones uses their site to draw attention to what they know the user is wanting to see. This, paired with an easy to use site that has clearly been designed with the shopping experience in mind, makes for a great site in which they can successfully sell their products.


13. Missoma

Their unique design and layout allow their brand to stand out amongst their competitors, and their attention to user experience is clear within their use of buttons and enticing copy.

14. Fenton and Co

Clear navigation paired with beautiful high-quality imager make Fenton and Co’s site a prime example of ecommerce.

15. Laura Lombardi

Sometimes, less is more. This is the approach that Laura Lombardi uses for their site and with lots of product focus and their available products accessible via the home, it just works.




Niko Moustoukas


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