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Niko Moustoukas

Who doesn’t love a good wedding?

And one of the biggest features of a wedding is, of course, the wedding attire. For some, it’s all about the experience of visiting a boutique and finding the dress or fit that’s perfect for you. But for some who might be pressed for time or just looking for a no-nonsense purchase for their big day, an online bridal boutique comes in handy.

Although online, bridal boutique websites can still bring about the same high-quality shopping experience through design, usability and other features that make for a successful site. We’ve collated our top 15 bridal boutique websites which succeed in all three areas. Take a look!

1. Morgan Davies

The client imagery used on Morgan Davies’ site brings a lovely personal touch, and frames their products in such a way that draws in the user. This is paired with a simple navigation bar, it makes for a simple, yet beautiful site.

2. Maria Modes

Letting their products be the main focus of their site as they would be in store, Maria Modes has ensured that their site reflects their brand through lots of high-quality images and a clean-cut design.

3. Bridal Indulgence

Simple and elegant, Bridal Indulgence captures the essence of a bridal boutique on their site. Pairing this with a simple navigation menu, it makes for a great bridal website.

4. Catherine Blades Couture

A design that screams quality and style, Catherin Blades Couture have kept things very simple but it has created a big effect.

5. Sanyukta Shrestha

A sleek and modern design with an effective carousel gallery, it evokes feelings of elegance and luxury which effectively engages their target audience.

6. Bromely Brides

With a video banner, Bromley Brides’ site makes you feel as if you were being taken straight to a bridal boutique. With an elegant design and a neutral colour palette, it evokes the elegance you would expect.

7. Joyce Young

Using unique imagery, Joyce Young evokes luxury and style with their site design, whilst keeping things clean and simple.

8. Wedding Atelier

A unique look; Wedding Atelier captures the essence of their boutique, bring the same level of elegance beauty.

9. Raishma

Raishma does a great job in displaying their socials in order to branch out to their customers, as well as making their navigation menu clear and easy to use.

10. Boho Bride Boutique

A boutique that prides themselves on being different, Boho Bride captures this in their site with their logo and engaging copy.

11. Blush and Ivory

Blush & Ivory use an image of their own store to make up their website, which evokes high levels of class and luxury. It truly brings the essence of a high street boutique, online.

12. Sassi Holford

Sassi Holford uses beautiful images and minimal design to show their users that they are a fashionable and high-end brand.

13. Ellie Sandserson

Utilising their social platforms to reach to their users, Ellie Sanderson have clearly put the interest of their users at the forefront of their minds when designing their site.

14. The White Closet

A unique style, it truly represents what their brand is all about. Simple but modern, it evokes a high end and luxury boutique with products to match.

15. Elizabeth Louise Bridal

Utilising their own imagery and individual style, Elizabeth Louise Bridal brings about an elegant style that draws in their target audience who can access their site through an easy to use navigation menu.

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