Team Limely Crack the Crystal Maze!

Jessica Slack

The latest team-building trip for Limely was probably our best one yet. Yep, that’s right. We headed off to the Crystal Maze LIVE Experience in Manchester!

If you know us, you’ll know that we work pretty hard here at Limely. But we also like to play just as hard too – we believe in an equal dose of both! Our office life isn’t boring and neither are our team-building activities. You might remember us spending the day at Alton Towers back in September. Nope, we didn’t know how we were going to top it either. But we think we did…

Richard O’Brien… times 3?

Limely visit the Crystal Maze LIVE Experience!

We left the office an hour early yesterday to begin our 1-hour road trip to Manchester. Once we’d arrived at the venue, we were excited to get going! After a quick safety briefing and storing our coats in lockers, we were greeted by our Maze Master – “No-Name”. We introduced our Captain (Spencer) and Vice Captain (Adam). Our Maze Master then did a great job of making sure we were all full of energy and positivity before leading us off into the Maze…

Weaving through puzzles and zones…

We journeyed through the usual four zones featured in the TV show: Medieval, Industrial, Aztec and Futuristic. If you’re a fan of the show, we highly recommend visiting – it was like being on a TV set the whole time! In each zone, we were faced with several tasks and our Captain had to put the best person for the job forward. Obviously, this all depended on our individual strengths: physical, mental, skill or mystery. But if your Crystal Maze fans like us, you’ll already know that! It was great fun and we managed to bag 7 crystals, beating the average of 5 in a game. The highlight was definitely sliding down the giant slide into the sandy Aztec zone…

We took on The Dome

Of course, after we’d completed each zone we were then guided by our Maze Master into the famous Crystal Dome area. Our 7 crystals added up to 35 seconds of extra time in The Dome, where we had to collect flying gold tokens and post them through a letterbox. It really was just like the real thing! Once we’d ‘completed the Crystal Maze’ we then went to collect our things and awaited our score…



Team Limely cracked the Crystal Maze!

Our score was a humble 170, which apparently was 13th in the weekly top scores. Not bad, ey? We definitely saw our competitive streaks come out at this point and we can’t wait to go back and try to beat our score! Overall, it was a fantastic experience full of equal parts laughing and frustration. Can’t wait to see what Team Limely choose to do for their next team-building day… how are we ever going to top the Crystal Maze?!

Jessica Slack

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