We Love a Good Rebrand: Check Out These Recent Logo Changes

Niko Moustoukas

Waitrose, Uber, even Burberry (a timeless classic) have all changed their logos recently and we couldn’t wait to have our say. Keep scrolling to see the changes.

It must be rebranding season because everyone’s at it! And who doesn’t love a good brand shake-up? With technology and trends moving faster than ever, companies all around the world are being forced to change, just to keep up. We’ve rounded up some of the most recent logo changes and had our say on how good (or bad) they are.

Take a peek at these recent logo changes

We’ve investigated the reason behind some of these fresh new designs. We’ve also slotted in the old versions next to the modernisations so you can readily compare the two. Satisfying or what?

John Lewis & Waitrose

Before & after

Credit: John Lewis Partnership

The John Lewis Partnership (John Lewis & Waitrose) has undergone a massive rebrand recently. According to JLP, the two brands have modernised their image and added ‘& partners’ to their logos to ‘highlight their Partnership business model’ and ‘focus on what differentiates them from competitors’. We were pretty fond of the old logos and we miss the John Lewis green. Seriously, where’s it gone? In the current climate of design, it’s unusual to see a company make its branding more complex. Versions of the old logos looked clean and modern, whilst still keeping their traditional image. We’re not convinced of the rebrand.


Before & after

Credit: Burberry Group PLC

For the first time in twenty years, the British fashion house has switched up its branding. Burberry’s new logo waves goodbye to the classic knight and horse and says hello to a clean, sans-serif font. As for the monogram, the designer (Peter Saville) has taken Thomas Burberry’s initials and turned them into an interlocking pattern, using an orange, brown and white colour palette. We like the logo, it’s in keeping with current trends and gives Burberry a ‘cool’ rather than ‘classic’ feel. This is a great move for Burberry to open up their products to a younger, trendier audience. The monogram… that might take some getting used to but we can see why others are liking it.


Before & after

Credit: Uber Technologies Inc.

Uber seems to be a bit late on the whole “let’s just swap out our logo for our name in a sans-serif font” thing. They got there eventually, joining the likes of Airbnb, Google, Pinterest and Spotify. And rightly so. We actually really like this rebrand. It’s bang-on-trend but it’s also timeless. After all, Uber has created a recognisable global brand so why should they mess around with icons? Realistically, all they need now is their name or the icon alone. But definitely not both. It’s a no-brainer really – the days of fussy logos are well behind us!

FA Women’s Leagues

Before & after

Credit: FA Women’s National League

Now, you might not have expected to see this one on the list. Women’s football has always, unfortunately, been slightly under the radar. But in the design world, we’ve picked up on some seriously impressive rebranding that the FA has commissioned to appeal to a ‘broad audience’ and unify the top four tiers of the women’s leagues. The outdated Premier League logo has been swapped out for this fresh, modernised National League logo. The rebranding coincides with the FA’s restructuring of women’s football, changing out the premier league for the national league and introducing a Championship league. It’s a thumbs up from us, we really like the new look.

Our verdict

There comes a time in every company’s life where the branding, or at least logo, needs a change. Especially when you’re in the technology or fashion sector. So, we can’t blame the above brands for switching things up a bit. However, there’s a fine line when it comes to iconic British brands like John Lewis and Burberry. Their brands are associated with timelessness and familiarity. So, changing the logo to something more ‘modern’ and less ‘classic’ is not always necessarily a good move. For brands like Uber, on the other hand, we can see exactly why a fresher, more minimalistic logo is a great direction to go in.

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