Our Monthly Round-Up: September

Niko Moustoukas

It’s been our first full month back at the office, and it’s been a busy one to say the least.

In the same month we said our farewells to summer with the Autumn Equinox, we’ve celebrated work anniversaries, birthdays, new clients, and one particular website, which has been months in the making, finally going live! It’s been a busy time for everyone, so let’s see what we got up to…

1st – Tile Merchant

We started the month off strong by welcoming a brand new client, Tile Merchant! Tile Merchant are a 100% Irish owned company who are strong players in the Irish tile and stone business. We’re delighted that they chose Limely to totally revamp their website. To find out more about Tile Merchant and what we’ll be doing for them, click here!

9th – Designer Tom’s 2 Year Work Anniversary

The 9th marked Designer Tom’s two years at Limely. Two whole years – phew! Time flies when you’re having fun, eh? Tom has been working with us for two years, due to the pandemic he’s only been in the office – working with the Limely team in the flesh – for only a handful of months! We thought we’d check in with him and ask about some of the highlights over the years he’s been here.

Tell us Tom, what are your top 3 highlights of the job so far?

Even though I’ve spent 17 months of my 2 years at Limely working from home the enjoyment of the job has never diminished. I’ve been given the opportunity to work on a vast array of clients from start-ups to huge house hold name brands. Plus, my skills as a designer have grown rapidly at Limely thanks to the support of the team and the time we’re all given to constantly learn new skills.

Designer Tom

10th – Friday Pints Return

On the 10th, Friday Pints return good n proper. After work, we checked out our new neighbours Bonobo Bar & Canteen, and had a little gander at all the beer they had to offer. A bit of normality is back, and we’re settling in well. It’s always a bit dangerous though, isn’t it? Having a bar directly next door to the office. It was meant to be, if you ask us. Can’t argue with fate.

16th – Operation Manager Matt’s Birthday

On the 16th, it was Operation Manager Matt’s birthday! We surprised him with a celebratory fish n chips for lunch. There was silence in the office for a full two minutes whilst we scoffed it down. What better way to spend a bday, eh Matt?

22nd – International Week of Happiness in the Work Place

We had a nice little surprise in the office this week as the directors brought in some chocolate for us all! This was in celebration of International Week of Happiness in the Work Place. They know us well. Chocolate definitely makes for a happy employee.

23rd – Handle Studio 1 Year Limely Anniversary

The 23rd marked the Handle Studio’s one year anniversary for their site launch. We launched their huge Magento 2 store one whole year ago.To remind yourselves of what we did, read our blog post about it. Click here to show the site some love.

30th – Flexible Trading Shop Discovery

On the 30th, we had a Discovery meeting with a new client, Flexible Trading Shop. Watch this space for more upcoming info!

30th – Beauty Flash Goes Live!

The 30th was a very busy day for us, as after some crazy hard work and dedication, we finally cut the ribbon on Beauty Flash’s new website! And it was ‘the most seamless launch they’d ever been involved in’. Big up Limely! Watch this space to see the big reveal of their new site and to hear all the nitty gritty detail of how it came to be.

The very end of September marked our first full month back at the office since the pandemic. And it’s been a busy and super successful month at that! We’ve got plenty of work done, kept each other inspired, subsequently having our most productive month yet!

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Niko Moustoukas


When Niko isn’t coding and helping clients, you’ll find him playing poker with friends and Greek dancing to his favourite tunes 🪩

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