Our Monthly Round-Up: July

Matt Briggs

Here we are again, after another great month.

It’s been heatwaves and thunderstorms this time round, and we’re not only talking about Chester’s weather. We’ve got hot new clients and electrifying work to update you on.

8th – Director Gavin’s Birthday

At the beginning of the month we wished Director Gavin a very happy birthday! He had a fab time grabbing a birthday meal with family and friends. And during some well deserved time off, Gavin grabbed a two night break at The Belfry for some golf, where he played on three different courses: The PGA National, The Derby and The Brabazon. He’s wanted to play there since a wee kid, and as you can see, he had a whale of a time!

11th July – Italy V England

This had us all around our TV’s, stressfully sipping a pint. It was an emotional rollercoaster to say the least – after starting strong with England’s goal, the game was lead to a very intense round of penalties. Nonetheless, it was a great game that had the same inevitable outcome: one hell of a hangover.

18th – 12 Weeks until the Marathon: Training Starts

Whilst we were all lounging about during the heatwave, Director and Designer Adam was busy training for the upcoming Manchester Marathon. Adam called it a very ‘sweaty affair’, but he’s buzzing for the big day. To find out how the training has been going, read our blog post about it. And don’t forget to donate!

20th – Plastecowood Choose Limely

On the 20th we said hello to our new client, Plastecowood! Plastecowood take plastic waste and reprocess it to produce recycled plastic lumber. They create all sorts of snazzy products with the recycled lumber, such as benches, fence posts and bollards. Check out our welcome post to find out more about them!

21st – Window Tint UK Discovery

Window Tint are window tinting specialists for your car. You can order the tinting and fit it yourself with instructions provided on how to do it, which makes things quick, easy, professional and efficient. Limely are going to be designing a new site for Window Tint, using our visual expertise to illustrate a clear, easy to find car search function that will lead customers directly to Window Tint’s products.

24th – Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

It’s a year later than expected, but the 24th of July finally marks the start of the Olympic Games Tokyo! As all you avid blog readers will know, our client, Dreams has announced back in 2019 that they are the Official Sleep Partners of Team GB this year. A good nights sleep can make the world of difference. Sleep aids health and well being and encourages maximum human performance. Dreams will be making sure that each team GB olympian is equipped with top quality Dream mattresses and sleep expertise that will let them rest well for their big tournaments. And it seems to be working well so far, as Team GB have won 13 gold medals already!

27th – Plastecowood Discovery

On the 27th, our directors met with Plastecowood for their discovery meeting. Limely got a full tour of the warehouse, seeing up close how Plastecowood transform plastic into practical, steady products. Their plastic doesn’t need to be segregated, instead it is melted down and put into moulds to create hardwearing products such as benches or plant pots. Limely are going to be designing and developing a clean, crisp, professional and efficient website for Plastecowood. The site will be a breath of fresh air, echoing all the great work Plastecowood do for the environment. The website will not be polluted with big distracting fonts and instead will be concise and easy to navigate. We can’t wait to get started with this project!

30th – Developer Robbie’s Birthday

And to finish the month off, we wished a very happy birthday to Developer Robbie! Robbie had a few chill drinks and then played some Mario Kart and board/card games. A birthday well spent!


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Matt Briggs

Operations Manager

When Matt isn’t streamlining operations at Limely HQ, you’ll find him playing squash, running marathons and supporting his favourite football team ⚽️

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