Our Monthly Round-Up: February

Niko Moustoukas

And just like that, February 2021 is done and dusted!

And whilst we try and ignore that we’re officially in the month that marks a whole year since working from home, we thought we’d take a look back at what we got up to in the month of February.

It may have been a short month, but we managed to fit a HELL of a lot in so, why don’t we jump straight into it!

5th February – Specto Choose Limely

Welcoming aboard Specto marks the 5th website Limely will be designing and developing for loan experts, Pingyo! This time around, we will be working the same magic on providing a brand new website for Specto.

We’re so excited that Pingyo has entrusted us once again with one of their websites, and we’ll be sure to keep all of you update with its progress!

Click here to find out more about the last site we launched for Pingyo.

8th February – Paving & Flooring goes live!

You might remember that last year, we announced we’d be creating two brand new websites for renowned flooring provider Westminster Stone.

Providing National Trust approved flagstones and paving that was used on the hit show ‘Escape to the Chateau‘, we were so excited to provide both Westminster Stone and Paving and Flooring a site that not only represented their quality service but allowed users to shop their extensive range.

The 8th marked the go-live date for Paving and Flooring’s site, click below to see it in all of its glory!

Visit Website

Soon we’ll be able to say the same for Westminster Stone so, keep those eyes peeled!

9th February – Winstons Beds goes live!

The 9th saw yet another site go live, as we hit launch on Winstons Beds’ brand new online store! Winstons is a start-up mattress and beds provider who approached Limely last year looking for an online space that would allow them to introduce their brand and products to customers.

Utilising our skills in development, design and content, we created their logo and brand, a fully functioning WooCommerce online store and then filled it with their enticing copy so their start-up could hit the ground running.

Come and check out the finished product!

Visit Website

10th February – Beat It goes live too!

So we had not one, not two but THREE sites go live within the space of a week! When we said we had been busy, we weren’t lying! The third site to go live was Beat It, a start-up music sample provider that approached Limely back in August 2020. On the 10th, we saw Beat It’s brand new site go-live, along with its subscription service and user admin area that will allow their customers to create their own account and sign up for Beat It’s services.

Click below to take a look at the live site!

Visit Website

13th February – Dreams Choose Limely

Nope, there’s no sleep in your eyes you read that correct – Limely has welcomed aboard bed-retailer Dreams as one of their latest clients! We’ll be helping out Dreams by creating a brand new area for their ever so popular, Sleep Matters Club. Not only that, we will also be helping to create an area on their site that celebrates their work with Team GB.

We are so excited about this project – be sure to keep a lookout for any more updates!

15th February – Developer Sruthy joins the Limely team

Amongst all of this, we welcomed a brand new face to the Limely team! Sruthy Ramesh joined the team as our brand new Magento Developer, who will be joining the likes of Developer Szymon and helping all our clients achieve online greatness.

Come and get to know Sruthy by reading her welcome post!

25th February – Special delivery!

December isn’t the only month where the 25th brings gifts! On this day, all of the Limely team received a special surprise through their letterbox in the form of lovingly baked brownies from Designer Tom! But Tom can’t take all of the credit as they were actually made, from scratch, by his baker girlfriend Becky!

She’s recently set up her own baking Instagram so be sure to give her a follow! @thebakingbecky

29th February – Developer Szymon becomes a first-time Dad!

And what a way to end the month! In the early hours of Sunday morning, the Limely team received the news that Developer Szymon has welcomed his newborn son, Stanislaw, into the world!

Phew! What a whirlwind of a month! Whilst we catch our breath, be sure to give us a follow on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so you are first to know of any Limely updates. Till next time!

Niko Moustoukas


When Niko isn’t coding and helping clients, you’ll find him playing poker with friends and Greek dancing to his favourite tunes 🪩

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