Our Monthly Round-Up: December

Matt Briggs

This time last year, we began our very first monthly round-up with: ‘So here we are in 2020 and we’ve never felt more ready to take on the new year.’

If we only knew!

That said, Limely has no time to moan and groan about the storm that was 2020 as we still can look back and confidently say that we had a good year – with the last month of the year being no exception! So, before you all stick 2020 to the back of your minds where it belongs, we thought we’d take you through what Limely got up to in December!

4th December – Flintshire County Council choose Limely!

What better way to kick off the month than with a brand new client! On the 4th, we announced that Flintshire Country council would be the latest to join team Limely! For this particular project, we will be designing and developing a brand new website for Flintshire’s nature partner, Bionet.

To find out more about Bionet and Limely’s work, click here to check out their welcome blog post!

8th December – Limely X Aero Commerce

The 8th brought an exciting announcement in the form of our brand new partnership with ecommerce experts, Aero Commerce! Aero Commerce is a brand new ecommerce platform, one that is already making waves for businesses and online stores who have jumped aboard. Limely cannot be happier to be alongside them!

Click here to find out more about our partnership and what it entails.

9th December – Get On Site Training

In preparation for their brand new site going live, we got clients Get On Site in for training so they were fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to get the most out of their new online space.

Get to know clients Get On Site a little bit better by reading our welcome post!

10th December – Training for Beat It

On the 10th we jumped onto a Zoom call with clients Beat It for their WordPress training! This means, when their brand new site goes live, they’ll already be experts on how everything works so they can hit the ground running and get the most out of their website.

Need a little refresher of Limely’s project with Beat It? Click here!

11th December – Christmas Jumper Day!

As the countdown to Christmas went on, Limely made sure to truly get into the Christmas spirit! On the 11th, we celebrated Christmas Jumper day by doing the obvious – digging out our most festive attire and jumping on Zoom!

17th December – More Handles goes live!

The 17th was an exciting day indeed as we saw More Handles’ brand new Magento 2 store go live! We are super chuffed with what we achieved for More Handles, and we’re so happy that their online business can benefit from a top-notch ecommerce site that they deserve!

Visit Website

To find out more about the entire project, click here!

23rd December – Limely breaks up for Christmas!

After the release of our Christmas Card onto socials and an end of year Zoom meeting with a tipple or two, the Limely team called it a year! We set off for a well-deserved break and to eat as much Christmas chocolate as we possibly could.

Today marks Limely’s second day back and we are so ready to take on 2021!

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Matt Briggs

Operations Manager

When Matt isn’t streamlining operations at Limely HQ, you’ll find him playing squash, running marathons and supporting his favourite football team ⚽️

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