Monthly Round-Up: October


October’s been and gone already, and just like that, we’re two months away from Christmas.

But before we start getting festive, let’s reminisce on spooky season for a little while longer and see what, exactly, we got up to.

5th – NW Security Group Choose Limely

We started the month off strong by welcoming yet ANOTHER client into the Limely family. This time round, we said hello to NW Security Group. Their current site has no goals or purpose, so we’ll be building a lead generation site, creating a system where people can get in touch and find out about NW Security Group and what services they have to offer. Watch this space for regular updates!

10th – Manchester Marathon

On the 10th, Director Ad ran the Manchester Marathon. A whole bloody marathon! He’s been training for months leading up to the race, and when the big day came, he was ready for it. At 17 miles, though, a cramp got the better of him; standing in the way of him achieving his PB at 3.5hr and instead finishing the race at 4hr. Nonetheless, he still pursued and completed the race, raising a total of £1,440 for his chosen charity. The Christie. Well done Ad!

14th – Paul reached 180 darts

What we thought to be just a normal day working in the office, typing away at our desks, turned out to be nothing less than monumental for SEO Manager Paul. During a break, he thought he’d try his luck at darts. One throw after the other, and Paul only got one hundred and eighty on the darts board. Now, his face is up there on the wall of fame where the other dart-pros live.

And Director Graham, already on the wall of fame, was re-inspired and in the heat of success, went and threw another 180!!! Can you believe it. Catch them on the next season of Bullseye.

20th – Alexander and Wilks go live!

Back in September, Alexander & Wilks approached Limely wanting a professional, sleek-looking platform where they could showcase their unmatched product range to customers. And we gave them just that! On the 20th, their new website went live.

With a new ‘Where to Buy’ page, alongside various new ‘Category’ pages, the whole site is now not only incredibly good looking, but easier to navigate, helping users find exactly what they’re after with just a few clicks of their mouse. To learn more about their site, click here, watcha waiting for?

Click the button below to show their new site some love!

Visit Website

22nd – Flexible Trading Shop Choose Limely

We shook hands with a brand new client on the 22nd, giving a warm welcome to Flexible Trading Shop. For these guys, Limely are making a brand new website from scratch. We’re thrilled about this project, as this is Limely’s first time building an e-commerce site using Aero Commerce.

Curiosity got the better of you? You’ll find all the info you’re after by reading our welcome blog post about Flexible Trading Shop!

27th Limely Joins TikTok

Yup. You read that right. October marks the month where Limely finally succumbed to the TikTok hype, went to the App Store and made an account. We also made our first TikTok video which was a lot of fun! The millennials are eating us alive, so please show us some love over at @limelyltd.

28th Developer Syzmon’s Birthday

We ended the month strong in the form of birthday celebrations. On the 28th, we said a huge happy birthday to Developer Szymon. He had a leisurely day, as any birthday should be, and he went for a Chinese with his Fiancé, son and some friends. Szymon also had a birthday cake, which is pretty big news considering he hasn’t had one since his 18th birthday! Monumental.

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Director / Developer

When Graham isn’t coding beautiful websites, you’ll find him playing guitar in his indie rock band or travelling the country in his campervan ⛰️

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