Keeping Customers Happy in a time of Delayed Deliveries


Keeping your customers happy is a vital way of maintaining a successful ecommerce site

And efficient services and an attentive approach to customer queries is one way you can do so.

As you’re all aware, the current situation has directly affected businesses that trade online as they continue to abide by social distancing guidelines. So, many of the services they provide on their online store have temporarily been affected. This has meant certain products not being available, contactless delivery and longer periods of time between orders and arrivals. Obviously, this is not great when it comes to attempting to uphold your usual level of service, but it’s just yet another thing that consumers have to adapt to during this crazy time.

But, there are a few things you can do as a business that can soften the blow of any frustrating changes to your services in order to keep customers happy and sales on the go.

Awareness and FAQs

With the effects of COVID-19 reaching all corners of society, many of your customers will already be wondering how your businesses and your services may be adapting. If information and the latest updates regarding orders and delivery aren’t clear, it may encourage customers to try and find the information for themselves, leading to misinformation and consequently, lost sales.

ASOS Covid-19 info

Displaying this vital information straight onto your homepage ensures your customers are rightly informed and up to date so there are no nasty shocks when it comes to ordering and receiving your products. You could also include FAQs to further reassure your customers and quickly provide the solution to their problem – helping you to continue a great level of customer service.

Email marketing/updates

So, keeping your customers informed about delays in deliveries and effected orders is a great way to help maintain happy customers and a great level of customer service. This can also be achieved through a particular focus on email marketing as this is the best way to reach your customers directly. Keep your them updated with the very latest developments surrounding your business, paired with content that reassures and offers a direct link to helplines so they are fully aware that you’re still there for them during this time.


Emails can also be used to send additional updates about any orders that the customer may have pending, to let them know that although the delivery may be delayed, that your still present and dealing with their order. This reassures the customer and sets a precedent of attentive customer service that they will be more likely to return to.

Discounts and promo codes

In order to cushion the blow of delayed deliveries, many businesses are opting to offer exclusive discounts and promotions to urge their customers to continue with their purchase in spite of the temporary effects brought about by COVID-19. From discounts on delivery fees to exclusive offers that can be shared with a friend, this is a great way to treat your customers during this time and not only illustrates your level of customer care as your services are temporarily affected, but encourages sales despite delays in orders and deliveries.

Store-wide sales

Many businesses are choosing to focus a lot of their marketing on their store-wide sales during this time, as not only does this further entice your customer to continue to make orders, but also helps keep them happy.

Sale sign in shop window

It lets them know of your presence, and that you have their interest at the forefront of your mind as many of us struggle whilst continuing to social distance and remain in quarantine.

Are you struggling to provide your customers with a space that truly reflects your amazing customer service? Contact Limely today to see how we can help you. 



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