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JPL Flavours Goes Live!

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It’s time to celebrate the launch of a brand new website!

This time around, we’ve launched an advanced, lead-generation website for returning client, JPL Flavours. We love working with local businesses and even more so when work with them over many years and on many projects! Without further ado, let’s get stuck in and recap who JPL Flavours are and find out exactly what we did to help drive success for this longstanding client!

Who are JPL Flavours?

JPL Flavours are experts in developing custom flavours for the likes of everything from beverages and confectionery to dairy products and even authentic flavourings for meat products. The brand prides itself on creating exceptional custom flavours whilst providing unrivalled customer care and pushing the boundaries of modern flavours.

Back in 2019, the Wirral-based family-run brand approached us to revamp their existing website and as they’ve grown so much since then, they need a show-stopping and professional site that attracts the corporate clients they are targeting.

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What did Limely do?

We created an advanced lead-generation website that repositions the brand to sit within the professional corporate market, whilst still retaining the family-run essence of the brand. We overhauled the entire site and designed a minimalistic, stylish and clean layout that instantly demonstrates professionalism and reliability. The new website oozes sophistication and expertise whilst retaining a welcoming and friendly feel.

We prioritised page speed, the user journey and UX to ensure that every user who lands on the site, encounters a seamless experience that encourages them to request a sample or contact the brand. Keyword research was employed to ensure that the website navigation, URL’s and other SEO elements were optimised to the specific search queries that the brand’s ideal customers are actively using.

Overall, the new website reflects the sophistication, professionalism and friendliness of JPL Flavours and strengthens their online presence. The brand can now feel confident competing in the highly-competitive, corporate flavourings market.

We absolutely loved woking on this new website. If you need a helping hand with corporate website for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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