JPL Flavours Goes Live!

5 December 2019| Post by Charlotte2 minutes

Oh, what’s that? We put another site live? Heck yeah, we did!

In the last week of November, we hit the go-live button for JPL Flavours! They become a client of ours back in June, wanting a complete overhaul of their current site so it truly represented not only their professional and high-quality service but their family-run dynamic. Limely got to work, whipping up some delectable designs and a smoothing running site which not only rightly display their services, but allows for a great user experience which will keep clients coming back for a second helping.

Just to give you a little background information, JPL Flavours is a family-run flavouring provider who conjures up delicious flavours and concentrates in their on-site lab to provide some of the nation’s favourite brands with the tasty flavours that we know and love. A pretty cool company we know! Getting to know the ins and outs of their unique business has been loads of fun, and we’ve loved seeing the final look coming to life.

Building on WordPress

If you often frequent our blog, you are probably aware that we are big fans of WordPress. Its ability to enable customisability and simple editing processes mean we can do our magic implementing all the designs and elements, but then hand the reigns over to the client in one simple training session. Not only that, but it also means that JPL’s new site can grow with them – a vital feature for a company that provides such a unique, specialist service.

For the site itself, we made sure we portrayed the level of expertise JPL hold, as well as the fact that they are a friendly, family-run business. With sleek, colourful designs and cool new icons, JPL’s new site is an online hub which now truly represents what they’re all about – creativity, high-quality service and producing extraordinary flavours that please the taste buds.

Each aspect has been designed, developed and implemented to create flawless user experience and interaction. From an easy to use navigation menu, a large and in charge sample button and even little animations, JPL Flavours now have a site that oozes colour, fun and their passion for their industry.

But don’t just take our word for it, go and check out the site for yourself!

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