Heatwave Hacks: Top Tech For Keeping Cool


It’s an absolute scorcher in the UK!

If you’re anything like the average Brit, as soon as it hits 18 degrees you’re out in your summer shorts, ice cream in one hand and factor 50+ in the other, right? As temperatures are soaring beyond 30 degrees (woah  ) we’ve put together our top tech gadgets for keeping cool this week…

Room Fan

This Dyson cool air fan emits a high-velocity stream of air that circulates and leaves your room feeling cooler and fresher. Not only does it aid in cooling, the Air Multiplier technology purifies air and filters any pollutants, odours and gases so you can rest assured your home is cool and pure, always!

Dyson Cool Tower Fan

Handheld Fan

This one’s for those on-the-go! Take this rechargeable handheld fan everywhere you go to keep cool on those cosy bus journeys, office meetings and when your out and about running errands. The compact design means you carry it in your pocket so there’s no need to get hot and flustered as you go about your daily life.

Cooling Gel Pillow

Woah, this is exactly what we need! This cooling gel pillow is a replacement for your usual pillow-inner during these hot summer days. The gel technology absorbs and dissipates heat coming from your head and neck during the night, allowing for a cool and restful sleep!

Cooling Gel Pillow

Ice-touch Towel

Perfect if you’re working at home or want to spend a few minutes in the sunshine. The cooling effect of these towels is activated when the towel is wet due to the high-tech textile specially designed to aid cooling evaporation. We’ll take 10 please!

Cool Touch Ice Towel

Slush Maker

You’ve got to have some fun during this heatwave, haven’t you?! These hot summer days are the perfect excuse to invest in a Slush Puppie maker so you cool down with a fruity, iced drink.


If you’re really suffering from the heat during the night and need a drastic change, you need a BedJet! Simply, BedJet is a piece of tech that pretty much acts like air-conditioning, for your bed.

Designed by an ex-NASA engineer who realised that we have the tech to keep astronauts at a comfortable temperature even in the harsh conditions of space, and wondered why so many of us can’t even sleep comfortably in our own beds! Well, we’re pretty grateful to him!

Don’t forget, we’re not the only ones who suffer in the heat, our tech does too! Here are our top tips for keeping your beloved smartphones, laptops and tablets cool this summer:

  • Keep the screen brightness down to reduce wasted energy and excess heat
  • Unplug devices when they’re charged to reduce excess heat
  • Don’t leave devices out in the sun
  • Remove cases that restrict ventilation

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