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Limely has a lot of love for their city, especially for other independent businesses that also call Chester home.

Another thing we have a lot of love and time for is a bloody good brew. Those that reside in the Limely office, from the developers to the designers, all swear by a cup of sweet, hot tea or a bangin’ cuppa joe. With that said, we thought we’d share with you 15 of our favourite coffee shops and cafés that you can find in Chester.

1. Jaunty Goat Coffee

Jaunty has been providing the historic streets of Chester with excellent speciality coffee since 2015. They have become an infamous name in the coffee community, so much so that they opened another, all-natural, all plant-based shop on Northgate Street.

2. Short and Stout

Tucked away on the edge of Hoole, Short and Stout is a corner cafe with Melbourne vibes and a delicious menu. Petite in size by mighty in flavour, Short and Stout are making a name for themselves as providers of great coffee and great food.

3. Bean and Cole

Providing a beacon of warmth and cosiness amongst the hustle and bustle of Frodsham Street, Bean and Cole is a home away from home, supplying a top-notch cuppa and tasty brunch bites. Opening in 2018, they’re becoming a firm favourite for the locals.

4. The Little Yellow Pig

Found in the middle of Hoole, Little Yellow Pig is the go-to for the best breakfasts, and coffee to match. Packed with funky furniture and unique trinkets, The Little Yellow Pig is quirky hang out that’s very popular with not only the people of Hoole but everyone who has had the privilege to visit.

5. Obscure

Obscure by name but not by nature, this cool and modern little coffee shop brings some sophisticated vibes to the bridge end of Lower Bridge Street. Equipped with warm lighting and funky art, Obscure not only provides a great coffee experience but a great place to hang out for a couple of hours with a very good book.

6. The Barista’s

With not one, but two shops in Chester, The Barista’s are taking over with their great menu and equally as great coffee and drinks. Found in one of Chester’s historic buildings on Watergate Street, as well as in Chester’s Bus Interchange, The Barista’s provide Chester’s travellers, as well as the relaxed brunchers, with a caffeine hub like no other.

7. Chalk

This sleek and sophisticated coffee hub provides not only smooth and aromatic coffee but a grand ol’ time. With delicate cakes and a range of sandwiches which treat the tastebuds and satisfy the belly, Chalk is where the cool cats of Chester are currently hanging out.

8. Cinderbox

For a nice coffee and a no-fuss, laid back atmosphere – you need to head to Cinderbox. Located on the always busy Lower Bridge Street, Cinderbox is a great place to take the kids for a light lunch and a not so light slab of cake.

9. Marmalade

A fun little fact about Marmalade; it’s the owner is a proud sausage dog mum. If that’s not enough to persuade you to go there, they also have a great range of tea and breakfast goodies to equipt you with everything you need for a cute afternoon tea.

10. Flower Cup

Easily the most unique coffee hub in all of Chester, The flower cup allows you to sit back, relax and leisurely sip your coffee in a true urban jungle. With a great menu that includes specials that change weekly as well as interior to die for, people travel from great distances to sample the Flower Cup. They also have their own little plant shop which sits next door.

11. Market Café

If you’ve not seen the recent rise of the Cheste Market, then you’ve definitely been living under a rock. Market Café can be found amongst the eatery treats that you can find in the Market; providing a great selection of drinks both hot and cold, and a simple yet appetising menu. Definitely, the best spot to rest your wearing feet after exploring the market.

12. The Blue Bear

Formerly known as Coffee Tots, The Blue Bear offers a haven for young families. Supplying that needed caffeine for young parents, as well as a safe and friendly play area for babies young and a little bit older, its a fab place to let the little ones run wild whilst you top up your energy.

13. Bridge St Roastery

A recent addition to the Chester coffee community, Bridge St Roastery is a sight to behold as it roasts its coffee beans then and there in it’s massive, and very impressive coffee bean roaster.

14. Moss Coffee

The definition of a hidden gem, Moss resides on Brook Street near the train station. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in delicious, high-quality coffee. Owner Daniel is all about delivering a no-nonsense, top-notch, cuppa’ joe in his small, sleek little shop and he never disappoints.

15. Panna

The latest addition to the coffee shop scene in Chester, Panna Coffee originally hails from the streets of Liverpool but opened their second cafe and eatery on Chester’s own Watergate Street earlier this month. Bringing a focus of health, variety and great coffee to the streets of Chester, Panna is certainly making their mark already.

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