Did You Know ASOS Sells Lush Products Now?


ASOS and LUSH – what do they have in common apart from being a firm favourite of Creative Writer Charlotte?

Well firstly, they both have a stellar online presence. From their social media marketing to their online stores, both have their target audience, their content and their shopping experience absolutely nailed. So, it’s not that much of a surprise that the two have come together!

Yep, that’s right! Earlier this week, ASOS announced that amongst the hundreds of brands they stock on their website, the newest to join the pack being the famous British cosmetic mogul – LUSH Cosmetics!

And of course, with exciting news such as this, we thought you’d like to know the lowdown.


LUSH is well known for its ethics surrounding sustainability, equality and diversity. They’re also known for keeping their products very close to their chest meaning the only place to buy your favourite Lush products was in-store or on their website.

Until now!

ASOS has now become the first-ever external company to sell LUSH products on their website as LUSH joins the other 200 beauty, bath and body brands already available on the site.

According to our research, not every LUSH product will be available to buy on ASOS, just a select few of some of their best selling products along with some of their most popular sets and ranges. Amongst their squeaky clean, ethical ingredients, LUSH are also credited for their interactive in-store experience which allows customers to try out the products for themselves and also learn as much about them as possible. LUSH is keen for this service to transfer to not only their online store but their new home at ASOS.

That said, shoppers are able to use the LUSH app to scan product codes available on ASOS for every LUSH product where they can then have access to ingredient lists and more information on the product. Handy!


As we previously stated, most of us know and love LUSH due to the amazing shopping experience that can be found in every store – one that usually involves a very interactive service that allows you to experience the products first hand. Obviously, this is something that has had to be revised during the pandemic. LUSH was one of the many shops during lockdown that began working on their online presence to ensure that they’re still able to provide their customers and hardcore fans the products and level of service they’re used to.

By partnering with ASOS, LUSH has gone from entertaining 1.5 million online users, to a whopping 24 million. LUSH themselves have stated:

“Like selecting a prominent high street or shopping centre, we know Asos is a prominent digital marketplace where customers in their millions are shopping, so we wanted to trial selling a selection of our hero products […] on there.” “The aim is to introduce the Asos audience to wonderful, effective Lush products and hopefully make them curious to learn more about our other products and us as a business.” – LUSH Press via Cosmetic Business.

Amongst the set available range, LUSH have designed and released a bath bomb exclusive to ASOS to celebrate this recent collaboration.

When can I buy LUSH on ASOS?

Although this is a temporary collaboration, LUSH products are available to purchase on ASOS right now! Get to it!

Start Shopping!



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