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5 Steps to Creating an Effective Design Brief

Matt Briggs

The brief you provide to a designer could either make or break your first impression of the initial design. So, we’ve outlined 5 steps to creating an effective design brief…you’re welcome!

If you’re in the market for a new website you may already have a few ideas in mind, you may be totally none the wiser and need some guidance or you’ll simply know exactly what you want. No matter what the situation, a good design brief is vital to your overall goal – an amazing website of course!

Step One – Stating the Obvious

state the obvious

Tell us everything we need to know about your brand so we can ensure no stone is stone unturned when it comes to maximizing your brand identity. Providing a brand guidelines document is the first step to allowing us to truly understand your brand – even if it doesn’t tell the designer everything they need to know, it’s a great start.

Step Two – Provide Examples

website examples

We understand that it can be difficult to put into words exactly what you’re after. Providing inspiration and examples of something that screams what you envisage your website to look like gives us a starting point that we can build upon.

Step Three – Define Your USP’s

What makes you unique? Let us know what is important to your business so we know where to place the focal points. Tell us your company’s story, give us your ‘elevator pitch’, what do your clients say about you, what sets you apart from the competition, what is your mission statement? All of these questions allow us to form a basis to our start point when it comes to layout and structure.

Step Four – Let’s Talk Competitors


Knowing who your competitors are gives us a benchmark in order to really blow them out of the water when it comes to web design. Let’s see what the competition is doing then create something even better – after all, first impressions are everything!

Step Five – Define Your Desired Outcomes

In order to fully understand the driving force behind the design brief, let us know the exact requirements you may have so that we can implement and build around them.

And there you have it, five simple steps to creating an effective design brief. Are you thinking of revamping your website? You’ve come to the right place – let’s chat!

Matt Briggs

Operations Manager

When Matt isn’t streamlining operations at Limely HQ, you’ll find him playing squash, running marathons and supporting his favourite football team ⚽️

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