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What are good blog posts for your construction company website?

Having a blog area on your construction company website can open up huge opportunities for your business

But only if you utilise it! By allowing your blog area to gather dust, you are missing out on the chance to cast the widest possible net and attract your target audience. It can boost your SEO, your traffic and contribute to your lead generation. But when it comes to releasing blog post after amazing blog post, how do you make sure that you are filling your blog area with worthy, effective content that suits your industry?

That said, we’ve put together 4 blog post ideas to give you some inspiration and ensure that your blog is constantly producing top-notch content.

Detailed looks at your featured work

Is there a certain project you think reflects the quality of your work and you want to show off? Then write a blog post about it! Your blog area is your place to truly shine and what better way to do so than taking a thorough look at a recent project and its results. You can include testimonials, before and after images and just really showcase your expertise and the level of work your user should expect.

Updates within the industry

To demonstrate your online presence as well as show that you have your finger on the pulse of all things construction, some of your blog posts can be dedicated to updating your users about the latest within the industry. This could include recent tool developments, changes to the law or any big events happening within your line of work.

The latest from your team

Showing updates from your team, whether that be newest recruits, new qualifications earned or even team days out helps to show the humanity behind your company. This helps to show your unique edge and sets you apart from your competitors.

New project announcements


Announcing new clients and projects not only demonstrates your success to potential leads but also helps to evoke trust and reliability amongst your users. This will help to further urge them to get in touch and reassure them that you are the construction company for them.

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