Setting Up Your Own Online Jewellery Shop

Many industries are making the move to ecommerce to reap its benefits

Jewellers being no exception!

If you’re a high street jeweller or have your own business, you too can progress into the world of ecommerce and begin to benefit from the advantages and opportunities that it brings. Creating your own online jewellery shop allows you to present your unique brand to a much wider audience and demonstrate your level of customer service and product quality – giving you the foundation to springboard your business to the next level. But how do you go about setting it all up?

We thought we’d present to you some of the first steps that come along with setting up your own online jewellery shop to get you well on your way.

Finding an agency

There are many ways you can begin your ecommerce journey, it just depends on what suits you and your jewellery business. There are platforms out there that allow you to build your own website and online shop, however, there is no way to guarantee flawless development and web performance, or unique, stand-out designs.

When it comes to wanting to build a brand new online shop, our best advice is obviously to get in contact with a web design agency. Not only will it leave you with an extraordinary and unique online store that completely mirrors your brand, but one that performs well and will get visitors returning time and time again. Agencies cover all bases and make sure every aspect of your new site is nothing less than perfect – it’s definitely the easiest and most effective option! And why not tick all the boxes by getting in contact with Limely. Click here to see what we could do for you!

Get creative with design

Once you have found the perfect means to get the ball rolling, you can begin focusing on design. Designing your online store will involve identifying a good colour palette, images and designs that reflect you, and even a memorable logo that can set you apart from your competition.

Obviously, if you’re not a graphic or web design whizz, this can prove to be quite a head-scratcher. Some template websites do offer readily available designs to purchase, but this can come with some restrictions. You can approach design agencies to help you with your branding, or, if you have gone with a web design agency, they will have an in house designer that can work with you to bring your vision to life.

Click here to see just some of Limely’s design work!

Upload your products

Once you have your site designed and developed, it’s time to start transferring all of your products to truly kick off your online store. This may call for organising your products into categories to make online shopping for your customers a breeze, as well as gathering product descriptions and high-quality images that showcase your jewellery in its best light.

Content, content, content

For your new online store, it is crucial that every single aspect is picture-perfect. This includes all of its content. Great content can come in many forms; from the above-mentioned product descriptions, general web content that welcomes your user, and blog posts/articles in the news area which help boost your SEO and help engage a much wider audience.

But if you don’t have the time, or the writing skill to come up with engaging and effective content, then it’s time to reach out to the experts! If you’ve decided to work with a web agency like Limely, they will be equipped with a top-notch creative team who will put in the team and effort to create engaging, effective and bespoke content for your new online jewellery store. Content has the potential to engage customers, and market your new online business to an audience you wouldn’t have otherwise achieved.

Finalise a solid marketing strategy

So you have your new online jewellery store – it’s got great content, amazing designs, performs super well and allows your users to shop your jewellery easily and efficiently. Well, now it’s time to spread the word!

It’s time to put on your best marketing thinking cap and get to work coming up with a strategic campaign that will bring in the results. This might involve social media marketing, email marketing or even in-store marketing -either way, it has to be specially created to pull in customers old and new. This can be done by yourself, your agency or an SEO/Social Media marketing agency – but it is important to make sure like any other aspect of your site, that it does nothing but yield results.

If you’re wanting to start your jewellery online shop – you know who to come to.

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