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We increase your organic visibility and traffic to generate more sales for your business.

To ensure you stay ahead of your competition, our search engine optimisation covers areas such as:

  • Technical SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Local SEO
  • Content Strategy
  • Link Acquisition

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Audits & Analysis

We carry out technical audits and competitor analysis to find areas of your site we can improve as well as keeping a close eye on your competitors.

Research & Strategy

We carry out research specific to your industry and formulate a strategy bespoke to your business.

Acquisition & Implementation

We implement technical changes to your website that maintains the SEO health, boosts your traffic and obtains more leads and conversions for your business.


Our expertise in SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is a crucial component in sustaining your website’s success.

Every approach is built with your business in mind as we bring together a range of adapted services that will give you the online presence you deserve.

With a bespoke strategy courtesy of Limely, you will be able to stand out amongst your competitors, appeal to your target audience and reach your business goals and objectives.

We can identify the services and tools you will need, as well as monitor your progress in order to secure your place amongst your customer’s search results. Come and take a look at what exactly we can do for you.

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SEO Auditing


When it comes to assessing and analysing your current SEO stance…

We will not leave a stone unturned.

We will look at every aspect of your site’s performance to make sure that it is doing nothing but aiding your performance online. Amongst your bespoke SEO strategy cooked up by yours truly we will conduct the following.

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Technical SEO Auditing
Technical Auditing

Identifying any Technical issues that may affect performance. This will be conducted at the start of every SEO campaign, then every 6 months.

SEO Content Auditing
Content Auditing

Assessing the quality, relevancy, and quantity of existing content. This will be conducted at the start of the SEO campaign, as well as a full audit every 6 months.

Backlink Auditing

Assessing the current backlink profile. This will be conducted at the start of the SEO campaign, as well as a full audit every 6 months.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Using our keen eye for online perfection, we will ensure that every aspect of your site and online platform is running smoothly and at full capacity.

This will include using the data found during the technical audit to:

  • Apply initial fixes and improvements to ensure a solid foundation for SEO.
  • Ongoing monitoring of general SEO to quickly identify and resolve any issues.
  • Monthly technical health checks to pinpoint any recurring issues and trends.

We will make sure your site works like charm and hits every performance guideline within a search engine.

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Keyword Research

Keyword research

We search for and identify your customers most commonly searched for keywords and phrases.

We then use our findings to craft an effective campaign; engaging your target audience whilst securing your place amongst the top search engine results.

By learning your user’s behaviour and identifying their user intent, we will narrow down the words and phrases relevant to you and work them into your SEO content. This will also help us with an internal linking strategy; efficiently complimenting the target keywords for the campaign.

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Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

We can easily identify the rise and fall of your competitors.

Using that information, we can directly improve your strategies and get your business ahead of the game. Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of similar businesses can help you recognise opportunities for growth and improvement, whilst avoiding potential pitfalls.

When it comes to content, we will take what keywords and content similar businesses are using into account in order to tweak and improve your own content and strategy, so you can rank alongside your competitors.

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Local SEO

Local SEO

Ensuring we find every opportunity to encourage targeted, local traffic to your site.

By using Google My Business, NAP (name/address/phone) information marked up with relevant Schema, as well as location-based landing pages, we ensure that you’re utilising your location and amplifying your business to those who really need it.

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Our content team can populate your site with strategically written and bespoke content.

Not only can we provide you with skillfully crafted copy that keeps your site up to date, but by smoothly integrating researched keywords into clear and concise web content, we can help boost search engine rankings and improve accessibility.

Your content will not only be a pleasure to read but will directly improve your online presence.

We will work alongside you to really capture your brand’s voice, and develop a content calendar to create a plan of when content is published and pinpoint any relevant events that will help the campaign.

And through content audits and gap analysis, we will pinpoint the spaces where existing content can be improved or new content can be implemented to make further use of keywords to ensure your content is working at its fullest potential.

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SEO Reporting


Making sure your SEO strategy is constantly yielding results.

Our reports actively illustrate the positive benefits that SEO has brought about for your website and helps map out your future strategy for further success.

We use reports to identify your KPI’s (key performance indicators), measure your performance and demonstrate the success of our SEO services. Our reporting services consist of:

  • Monthly Reports
    Analysing data to help influence work for the following month, 3 month or 6-month period.
  • Ranking Monitoring
    Regular monitoring of rankings to help identify and react to any drops and/or improvements in keyword rankings and recognising why these changes have happened.
  • Competitor Monitoring
    Monitoring competitor activity to help us react to any adaptations they make or any competing campaigns they might be running.
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Frequently Asked Questions

About Our SEO

Search Engine Optimisation involves analysing your online presence and identifying ways in which you can improve your stance and reputation within search engines. This includes your position within search engine results and improving your overall appearance to your target audience. Once adaptations have been made, SEO will help increase traffic, increase conversion and consequently boost your sales and leads.

Our prices start at £830+VAT per month, however the price of SEO can differ due to the flexibility of its services. Here at Limely, we adapt our SEO strategies to the client's business and its unique needs. Depending on what areas are highlighted in your Free SEO Audit, we will construct a bespoke SEO package that will be made with your business, your targets and your budget in mind. To find out more about pricing, be sure to give us a call on 01244 911 366.

Technical SEO refers to the optimisation of various technical aspects of your site that may hinder your online presence within a search engine if not fixed. Areas that come under Techincal SEO and may need optimising include page speed, overall website health and general bugs and areas where functionality can be improved.

Here at Limely, we offer a range of SEO services so that we can make all of our SEO packages bespoke to the client and their specific targets. Our SEO services include:

- Auditing
- Technical SEO
- Keyword Research
- SEO Content
- Local SEO
- Reporting
- Competitor Analysis

SEO is very important for any website or online store. It makes sure that you are doing everything in your power to ensure a steady flow of traffic, made possible by your position with a search engine results page and adaptations that have been made with your target audience in mind.

An SEO Audit is where our SEO Manager analyses your current SEO strategy and performance online. They help identify issues, areas of improvement and use their collected data to construct an ideal strategy that will help you achieve your goals. Audits can focus on either Technical SEO, Content or Local SEO so you can ensure you're performing at your fullest potential. Here at Limely, your first SEO Audits is completely free!

All businesses need SEO! Especially if you want to perform well online and actively see results. A solid SEO strategy can help your speed past your competitors, appeal to your target audience and ultimately lead to increased traffic, conversion and sales.

SEO is an ongoing process. Once you've received your audit and we've identified areas of your online presence that need improving, it required a constant effort to optimise the targeted areas and then maintain them. Sounds like a big job, but for us experts - it's a walk in the park! From regular reporting to publishing content, you can ensure that your website is performing at its fullest potential and bringing you results.

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