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The Entertainer Goes Live!


Guess what? It’s time to celebrate the launch of yet another great project!

This time around, we’re extremely proud to present our work for two incredible brands: The Entertainer and Early Learning Centre. Cast your mind back just a few months ago and you’ll remember when we welcomed the two youthful brands as they were both in need of supercharged digital magazines. Without further ado, let’s dive in to exactly what we did for these renowned toy brands!

Who are The Entertainer and ELC? A quick recap

If you haven’t heard of The Entertainer, where have you been? As one of the world’s leading toy shops, the brand now has over 160 stores in the UK along with a further 500 stores across the globe. Whilst the brand now has a household name, the toy empire came from humble beginnings with its roots dating back to the 1980s as a family-owned toy shop.

Likewise, ELC was also founded back in 1974 with a core mission to “support parents with their child’s early years learning and development through play.” Fast forward to 2019 and The Entertainer proudly acquired ELC and together, they are truly an unstoppable force within the toy world!

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What did Limely do?

Team Limely stepped in as The Entertainer and ELC were both in need of supercharged digital magazines that provide engaging, valuable and eye-catching content to attract and retain customers. We developed bespoke online areas for The Entertainer and ELC to house their buying guides, inspiration and activity ideas in a user-friendly, fun and interactive way.

To achieve consistency and ensure a seamless user experience between the main sites and the digital magazines, we ensured that the navigation and footer remained in-keeping with those on the main sites. This was absolutely paramount to a successful design as ensuring that users can navigate through the site intuitively and with ease could be make or break when it comes to converting a user into a loyal customer.

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To maximise conversion opportunties, we integrated the digital articles with Atreemo to allow the brands to add ‘product hotspots’ to images so users can seamlessly flick between reading an article and browsing the products within the images themselves. The digital magazines provide a superb marketing opportunity for the two two brands as they can create extremely valuable seasonal content such as Christmas gift guides or Easter celebration inspiration and include product hotspots within these articles to encourage conversion and get customers across the finish line.

Furthermore, we created a streamlined events page that is housed within the digital magazine so the two brands can easily showcase their upcoming events and encourage users to visit stores to meet characters or partake in a range of fun family activities. This page utilises a minimal design style that allows each event to shine, featuring only the crucial information needed such as the location, time, date and type of event that is taking place.

Overall, we couldn’t be more proud of how these designs turned out. They are fun, interactive, engaging and family-friendly whilst also offering strategic marketing tactics that will help The Entertainer and ELC to thrive.

Want to find out more? Head to our Case Study to find out exactly what we did!


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