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The Entertainer & Early Learning Centre Choose Limely

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Join us in welcoming The Entertainer & Early Learning Centre to Limely!

Once again we’re thrilled to welcome a fantastic new client on board. This time around, we’re saying hello to some childhood favourites of ours; The Entertainer and Early Learning Centre. In need of a supercharged digital magazine for both websites, we can’t wait to get stuck in to this exciting project!

Who are The Entertainer?

Officially founded by husband and wife team Gary and Catherine Grant in 1981, The Entertainer had humble beginnings. After working at a local bike shop in the 1970s, Gary soon realised that there was huge demand for personalised skateboards. As a result, he began to sell unique skating accessories whilst at work.

Shortly after, Gary’s entrepreneurship led to him and his wife taking over their local toy shop. Their vision was to make the new toy shop an exciting destination for both children and adults alike. They set about creating an immersive and entertaining experience and with that, The Entertainer was born!

Fast-forward to today and The Entertainer stands as one of the world’s most renowned toy shops with over 160 standalone stores in the UK, over 500 international stores across the globe and an impressive online presence.

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Who are Early Learning Centre?

Early Learning Centre (ELC) was founded back in 1974 when John Beale couldn’t find inspiring and educational toys for his own children to play with. To this day the core mission of ELC is to “support parents with their child’s early years learning and development through play.”

Through innovative design and passion for high-quality products, ELC aids parents in developing their children’s hand-eye coordination, creativity, problem solving and fine motor skills through play. In 2019 The Entertainer proudly acquired ELC and together, they are a unstoppable duo!

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What will Limely do?

Team Limely are swooping in to create two digital magazines; one for The Entertainer and the other for (you guessed it!) Early Learning Centre. So what exactly is a digital magazine? Think of the most advanced news and inspiration area you’ve ever seen and this will be above and beyond!

We will be waving our website wands and supercharging the digital magazines to include the best-in-class advanced features designed to attract, engage and retain customers. The initial landing page will be oozing with valuable content designed with the user’s needs at the core, allowing ease of access to different categories and articles of interest to them. Product carousels will elevate each article and will allow users to browse products whilst consuming content.

Shoppable content will be key to encouraging conversions for both sites. Precise image hotspots will be implemented to enable users to shop directly from within the article they land on. This will hugely improve the overall customer experience and reduce the time it takes for customers to find the products they’re interested in.

To demonstrate The Entertainer and Early Learning Centre’s credibility in the world of toys, we will also create individual author pages that can be assigned to each article. These author pages are a brilliant way to demonstrate expertise and authority and will instil trust in users.

We love unique projects like this one as we can truly utilise both our creativity and technical expertise. We can’t wait to get stuck in and create some fantastic digital magazines for these iconic toy brands!

If your ecommerce website is in need of a unique content area, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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