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Dreams Inspiration Goes Live!

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Ahh we absolutely love writing these posts! It’s time to take a look at our latest website launch…

After launching the brand new Dreams Sleep Matters Club in 2020, we were so excited to work with the brand once again! This time, we created a brand new area to house everything from bedroom inspiration to styling ideas and helpful tips. Let’s just say we definitely made the Dream Team!

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What Is Dreams Inspiration?

Before we get ahead of ourselves talking about all of the exciting features we created for the brand new Dreams Inspiration area, here’s a little refresher of who Dreams are!

Established way back in 1985, Dreams are the UK’s leading bed specialists. With their ‘Bedquarters’ located in High Wycombe, they sell over 10,000 beds and bedroom accessories every week – woah! Just think how many people are getting a better night’s sleep, thanks to Dreams.

Dreams pride themselves on their exceptional quality and the second-to-none customer service they provide both online and in-store. Dreams always put their customers first. That’s why they wanted to create a unique area within their site to provide bedroom inspiration, styling ideas and expert advice to help customers in creating the perfect bedroom sanctuary, for their unique lifestyle.


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What did Limely do?

Team Limely got to work on designing a crisp and clean layout that utilised the existing Dreams branding to ensure consistency between the new inspiration area and the main site.

Alongside content migration which enables Dreams to showcase their existing original content within the new space, our brilliant designers also waved their magic wands to create eye-catching icons and illustrations that help to guide customers and improve the overall user experience.

As Dreams is utilising the new inspiration area to showcase their extensive range of beds and accessories within a variety of interior design styles, we implemented a functionality that enables customers to shop directly from the images within blog posts. With the ability to create multiple hotspots within one image, Dreams can tag various products and encourage users to click into the product that interests them.

Shoppable content vastly improves the user journey as customers can quickly flick between viewing inspiration and individual products. This hugely improves the overall experience as it feels much more immersive and interactive!

Furthermore, Limely developed a bespoke navigational tool within the new area that allows users to view inspiration by room, colour, style or lifestyle. Streamlining the user journey from initially landing on the site, to finding the inspiration they are looking for!

Additionally, we ensured that the mobile experience was unrivalled by implementing thumb-friendly navigation, distraction-free pages and ultra-fast page speed for a superior experience. The result is an elegant, sophisticated website that puts the user at the heart.

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The new Dreams Inspiration area beautifully compliments the content that Sleep Matters Club offers and provides a brilliant space for customers to find inspiration whether they’re looking to refresh their bedrooms or are starting from scratch!

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