Monthly Round-Up

Our Monthly Round-Up: March


In the month that brought us a couple of snow days, International Women’s Day celebrations and a brand new David Attenborough documentary, Team Limely also had a lot on their plates!

We can’t believe it’s already the time to recap all of the trials and tribulations of the last 31 days – but here we are again! The month of March has gone by in a flash as we’ve had website launches a plenty, welcomed new clients, celebrated not 1, but 2 workiversaries and even welcomed a newborn baby into the world! Let’s take a look at everything that went down in March…

6th – JPL Flavours Choose Limely

On the 6th, we welcomed back a longstanding client as they were in need of a brand new website! Four years on from the initial design for JPL Flavours, the needs of the business have drastically changed due to tremendous growth for the brand. We couldn’t be more pleased that they have seen great success over the past few years and can’t wait to get stuck in to the new website very soon! Find out exactly what we’ll be doing in our JPL Flavours Choose Limely blog post!

9th – Cheshire Industrial Doors Goes Live

On the 9th, we launched a new website for Cheshire Industrial Doors! This time around we created a lead generation site for this leading industrial brand who want to take their operations the next level. By utilising multi-step forms and vibrant colours for key call-to-actions, we have created a high-performing lead generation site for this growing brand – And we can’t wait to hear their results!

9th – Tie Room Design Signed Off

The 9th was a busy day as we also finalised the new web design for Tie Room! Our brilliant designers have created a seamless, beautiful and intuitive ecommerce site for this fashion brand and we can’t wait to see it come to life. If you haven’t heard of this quirky fashion brand, give our Tie Room Choose Limely blog post a read to find out all about them.

12th – Matt’s 5 Year Workiversary

We celebrated Matt’s 5 year work anniversary on the 12th! That’s right, our operations manager has been with us for half a decade. The time has flown by and we’re wondering how we ever managed without him?! Congratulations Matt and thanks for everything

15th – Jess’ 1 Year Workiversary

The 15th saw us celebrating the 1 year anniversary for content writer, Jess. Yet again we don’t know where the time has gone but we want to say a huge congratulations We know what you’re thinking, two workiversaries in one month, March is shaping up to be a busy one!

16th – Wet Wednesdays Goes Live

On the 16th we were so excited to launch a brand new website for kid’s clothing brand, Wet Wednesdays. Oozing with advanced features, an unrivalled customer experience and bespoke elements that make the brand truly stand out within the fashion industry, it’s safe to say we’re pretty proud of this one!

20th – Dreams Updated Branding Goes Lives

The 20th saw us hit the launch button the branding updates for Dreams. The new branding has been deployed on both Dreams Sleep Matters Club and Dreams Inspiration to ensure that their brand identity is strong and consistent throughout their overall online presence.

23rd – Search Acumen Goes Live

On the 23rd of the month we launched another brand new website! This time around, we created a show-stopping, high-tech website for proptech brand, Search Acumen. Renowned for their innovative property technology solutions, we ensured that the new site reflects their values and we’re pretty proud of the results, even if we do say so ourselves!

23rd – Baby Briggs was born!

We ended the month on a high note with the birth of another baby Briggs! Matt welcomed his new son into the world on Thursday 23rd March. We can’t wait to hear all of his wonderful stories when he returns to the office in a few weeks but in the meantime, we hope he enjoys some quality time with his new baby boy!

And there we have it, another month of 2023 down! To keep up to date with everything we get up to, head to our blog.


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