Sleep Matters Club

A fun site revamp for a much loved UK brand

Introducing Dreams & the Sleep Matters Club

Adding a fresh new look for Dreams and their Sleep Matters community.

Dreams has been providing the UK with ridiculously comfy mattresses and beds since 1985 and have steadily become one of the UK’s most loved and well-known brands.

To continue their great customer service, Dreams have been sharing their sleep knowledge and expertise with their customers through the ever so popular Sleep Matters Club. This hub and sleep conscious community consists of helpful guides, articles and podcasts and acts as an extension of Dream’s customer-focused approach.

Although actively bringing advice and guidance to their customers, Dreams felt that the current layout and design of the Sleep Matters Club was not providing their readers with an experience worthy of their expertise or high-quality customer service.

This is where Limely stepped in!

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Implementing brand new designs

Sprucing up the existing Sleep Matters Club with the reader in mind.

To start the journey towards an improved user experience, Limely began working their magic on the Sleep Matters Club’s existing designs.

Making sure we had SMC’s aims and brand in mind, we added a little bit of Limely flair to their designs and layout. We made sure the space was a true reflection of Dreams’ quality service and that users could experience the Sleep Matters Club at its fullest potential.

From colour palettes, font to overall layout and navigation – Limely ensured that the Sleep Matters Club made for a truly great experience for the user, where they could access everything they’d need to achieve a great night’s sleep.

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Rebuilding tools to improve navigation

Making this customer-focused space accessible and easy to use.

As well as on-brand iconography, we got to work recreating a range of helpful tools that would make navigating and accessing Sleep Matter Club’s many guides, articles and podcasts an absolute dream. (Haha, get it.)

From a Bedtime Story Finder to a Sleep Health Calculator, we made sure the user was equipped with everything they would need to be sleep experts. Find out more about some of these tools below!


Bedtime Story Finder

Helping users to peruse all of Dreams’ approved bedtime stories for a relaxed night-time rountine

To further add to the guidance and expert advice that Sleep Matters Club brings to their avid readers, they put together a long list of SMC approved bedtime stories that will encourage a good night’s sleep and a relaxed night time routine for your little ones.

In order to make choosing a story quick and easy, Limely rebuilt and created SMC’s Bedtime Story Finder which includes book type categories, front cover images, synopsis snippets and a clear and simple layout. This made finding a new bedtime story quick and easy.

Once the perfect story is found, locating your chosen book at your local library is made possible with just one click.

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Sleep Health Calculator

Helping users assess their sleep health and wellness.

Alongside the Bedtime Story Finder, Limely made sure to revamp one of SMC’s most helpful tools.

The Sleep Health Calculator presents the user with a series of questions that, in the end, presents them with bespoke results that inform them of the current state of their sleep health.

Not only did Limely make sure all of SMC’s expert content was successfully migrated but ensured that all of their designs and the functionality of the form further contributed to Dream’s quality service and their user’s overall experience.

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How many sleeps until Christmas?

Making sure Sleep Matters can bring the festive cheer every year.

Sleep is what lies between us and Christmas, no matter where we are in the year!

That said, Limely made sure that Sleep Matters Club was equipped with a fun and creative page where, when that festive time of year creeps up, their users can keep track of exactly how many sleeps are left until the big day!

Integrating Podcasts

Migrating and integrating all of SMC’s podcasts onto their newly design area

Sleep Matters Club’s collection of podcasts is one of their most popular areas and includes talks and expert advice surrounding everything from helping your baby to sleep to how you can edit your bedroom’s design to get a good forty winks.

Limely made sure to bring over every single one of SMC’s podcasts, including all of the necessary content to go alongside it.

As well as a new general layout, we also created and implemented new buttons that would allow the users to pick and choose which platform they would like to use to listen and download their podcast of choice – boosting accessibility and UX.


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