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20 November 2019| Post by Gavin2 minutes


We’re delighted to announce that we’ve shaken hands with yet another client. It’s a pleasure to introduce our latest client, Deva Trading!

Last week, we welcomed Deva Trading to Limely, and officially began our collaboration. Deva Trading approached Limely with wishes for a brand new website, and just like a web design Fairy Godmother, we’re about to make those wishes come true! So with another new client and another new website going live on behalf of Limely, we thought we would introduce you to Deva Trading, and what exactly we’ll be doing for them during our time together.

Who exactly is Deva Trading?

Deva Trading are an esteemed importer of manufactured, pre-sold cable and have been doing so for nearly twenty years. Like ourselves, Deva Trading are based in the heart of Chester and pride themselves on their unique services. Deva Trading have always made it their aim to use their experience and expertise to deliver high-quality cables and competitive prices to their extensive client range.

What will Limely be Doing?

To truly represent Deva Trading and their unique service, their current website is having a complete redesign. With clients both new and existing as the target audience, Limely are going to be whipping up a site with great UX and an amazing user journey as the main focus. This means beautiful bespoke designs, new lead generation forms, a product catalogue and a professional new look in order to assist Deva Trading in gaining even more client traction. We’ll be applying a stylish flair to the site, whilst portraying Deva Trading’s professionalism and influence in the industry. Deva Trading’s new site will not only truly reflect their business but provide an informative and easy to use space which will gently guide and entice new business.

Deva Trading will soon be coming in for their very own discovery session to get this show on the road. Watch this space! 👀

If you’re looking for a new website that will attract new clients with style, contact Limely now! 


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