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A high-performing site with bespoke features to increase conversions

Thornley Leisure Parks approached us as they needed to merge 7 websites into 1 modern, clean and user-friendly site with an advanced integrated booking system. We created a robust digital presence that encourages users to spend their holidays at Thornley Leisure Parks.

Great team, professional, friendly and they get the job done!


Driving sales with bespoke caravan search feature

Not only do Thornley Leisure Parks offer caravan rentals for holidays and short breaks, they also have holiday homes for sale. We created landing pages for each of their holiday home locations to ensure that users can seamlessly browse for their perfect holiday home with a range of useful features such as:

  • Quick view from the category page
  • Arrange a viewing & request a brochure call-to-actions
  • Product cards displaying key caravan specs
  • Sticky caravan search bar for superior UX

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Speeding up the holiday search with an interactive map

We created a bespoke, interactive map that instantly engages users whilst ensuring a lightning-fast search for holiday parks. Unique animations get users excited for their next holiday whilst the ability to locate a holiday park and quickly view amenities and photographs via the map itself, makes Thornley Leisure Parks stand out from the competition.

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Finance calculator integration reduced bounce rates by 11.4%

In order to increase caravan sales, reduce bounce rates and improve customer satisfaction, we integrated with the renowned payment provider, Black Horse Finance. This nifty integration allows site visitors to calculate the cost of taking out finance to pay for a caravan of their very own, saving them time and increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Streamlined operations with an advanced booking management integration

We integrated an advanced holiday booking system with Thornley Leisure Parks’ in-house management system to ensure streamlined efficiency, every step of the way; From customer bookings to taking deposits for holiday homes, all administrative activities operate from a centralised hub to ensure the smooth-running of this busy holiday company.

In fact, the software is so advanced that it automatically displays alternative dates when users input fully-booked dates into the ‘Find My Holiday’ form.

Seamless navigation with an advanced mega-menu

As this project required us to merge 7 sites into just 1, it was crucial to present all of the information from the existing sites in a clear and succinct way, in order to avoid confusing or overwhelming site visitors.

We designed and developed an advanced, interactive mega menu that allows users to seamlessly find the location, accommodation option or holiday home they’re searching for. Images within the menu itself further help users to reach their desired page, within an instant.

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Dedicated blog area to increase content marketing opportunities

To increase organic traffic and improve opportunties for content marketing, we created a dedicated area within the site to house all of the latest news and travel inspiration from Thornley Leisure Parks. The blog serves an invaluable tool for attracting new site visitors with helpful area guides and also aids in local SEO with blog posts featuring an abundance of keywords relating to the locations of their holiday parks.

Continuous evolution to take Thornley Leisure Parks to new heights

Throughout our time working with Thornley Leisure Parks, we have made continuous improvements to various elements to ensure that their site keeps them ahead of the competition; From navigational upgrades to optimised search bars and advanced features, we’ve left no stone unturned when it comes to keeping their site modern and bursting with functionality.

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Superior location pages to drive conversions

As Thornley Leisure Parks have holiday parks across a wide range of locations through the country, we created individual landing pages for each. Not only does this help the website from a local SEO perspective, it’s also a great opportunity to showcase the features and benefits of each holiday park.

Bespoke iconography was employed to instantly highlight the amenities at each park, image galleries are utilised to display beautiful photographs of each park and park features are showcased with images and text that entices users to book their holiday.

Book a holiday from anywhere with responsive design

Encouraging users to book holidays from any location, whether they are using their mobile, tablet or iPad, was absolutely paramount to the success of the new site. Responsive and mobile-friendly design was utilised to ensure every site visitor encounters a seamless and enjoyable experience that encourages them to book a holiday through Thornley Leisure Parks.


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Great team, professional, friendly and they get the job done!

Great team, professional, friendly and they get the job done!


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