A bespoke restaurant website to drive table bookings

A sleek and sophisticated website designt o drive table bookings for Nine Elephants. 


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Streamlined navigation and a sleek design to increase bookings

We were approached by the exciting team behind Chester’s latest Thai drink & dine experience to create a sleek and stylish website, totally from scratch. This was Nine Elephants’ first foray into digital so we knew it had to be good. Keep scrolling to find out what we created.

A one-stop service for our business' online presence.

Ice Rattaphaet

A bespoke restaurant website with unique flair

Producing exquisite bespoke designs for our clients is our speciality and it was no different this time around. The WordPress site was going to be quite simple with the main functions being the online reservation tool and a blog page for news and stories. However, by no means did we want the design to look simple. Elegance was key here.

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Sophisticated branding to improve UX

Deciding to go with a blacked-out website was a conscious choice – after all, black is the colour of sophistication. We also wanted the vibrant colour of the food photography to stand out and we knew this was important to Nine Elephants, too.

We incorporated the orange and white of the existing branding to create a sleek but stand-out homepage design. The parallax effect applied by the dev team really gives the visuals a centre stage role.

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Seamless table booking with a streamlined reservation form

Our booking form makes it super simple for customers to book a table at the restaurant. After all, proper UX is at the forefront of everything we design and build. Oh, and we also included a slick opening hours section that updates automatically depending on what day it is.

Providing content marketing opportunities with a bespoke online journal

We not only populated the site with content but we also whipped up a few blog posts to get things started. There’s a mixture of cuisine talk and local news so be sure to check back to see how Nine Elephants keep the blog section updated!

Responsive web design to drive mobile bookings

Every site needs to be optimised for mobile – after all, responsiveness has never been more important. We created a seamless mobile design to ensure an effortless user experience… no matter what device is being used.

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A one-stop service for our business' online presence.

We requested a very quick turnaround time to coincide with our opening and Limely truly delivered! With a website that is beautifully minimal yet sleek and functionally perfect to our requirements, we couldn't have asked for more. A one-stop service for our business' online presence.

Ice Rattaphaet

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