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A lead-generation website boasting a sophisticated design and streamlined navigation.


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Wedding & Events Venue


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A fully responsive lead-generation website to drive results

Lost approached us in need of a brand new lead-generation website to drive bookings for their picturesque wedding and events venue. We crafted an elegant design that reflects the rustic and idyllic venue and incorporated a range of features to drive leads for the brand.

A seamless website design bursting with sophistication

We took Lost’s existing logo, revamped it and injected a welcome dose of elegance. The strategic decision to utilise dark-mode design was an integral aspect of the website design which ultimately led to its success; helping to convey the mysterious and sophisticated brand identity of Lost.

Bespoke graphic elements and logos reflect the premium feel of the venue whilst beautiful photography takes pride of place so users can instantly get a sense of how it feels to be within the venue itself.

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Streamlined navigation to generate leads

As Lost are a relatively new brand, every first impression will make a huge difference to whether or not the venue becomes a success! Therefore, creating a frictionless customer experience was absolutely paramount to this project.

We optimised the user journey to drive leads by incorporating key call-to-actions in prominent locations, utilising a contrasting brand colour to guide users to these buttons and ensuring intuitive navigation.

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Increasing bookings with a dedicated events page

Considering that over 69% of users prefer making a booking online as opposed to any other method, ensuring a seamless booking experience was crucial to Lost’s success. A dedicated events page houses all of Lost’s upcoming supper clubs, workshops and other events that users are likely to be interested in when landing upon the site.

The streamlined navigation and website layout ensures that users can quickly browse all upcoming events before viewing more information by clicking on a particular event and seamlessly booking a space!

Responsive design for a superior user experience

Mobile bookings have rapidly increased in recent years. Therefore, ensuring a mobile-friendly website was integral to driving bookings and increasing leads for Lost. We employed responsive web design, optimised images to improve page speed and utilised thumb-friendly navigation to ensure every user has a positive experience with the brand, regardless of the device they prefer.

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