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Bespoke enquiry forms, responsive design and beautiful branding to generate leads.


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An advanced website design for leading international b2b brands

In need of a bold, eye-catching new website bursting with advanced functionality and unique features, we knew we’d have our hands full with this website transformation.

Whilst BetMakers’ previous website was functional and had a professional look, it wasn’t packing the punch needed to impress prospective clients and drive leads to convert. We developed a show-stopping site worthy of the BetMakers name.

Strengthening brand identity with bespoke design & branding

Bold, progressive and eye-catching design to cement the BetMakers brand as a dominant force in their industry.

The combination of neon pink against a black background was a true stroke of genius that allows call-to-actions to shine, positions the brand as technological innovators. We also incorporated geometric elements into the design to further reflect the brand and position BetMakers as innovative and progressive leaders. Bespoke banner images feature geometric overlays for a striking aesthetic whilst call-to-actions are highlighted with parallelogram shapes to strengthen the brand even further.

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Bespoke brand theme functionality to enhance UX

As BetMakers offer a range of services through three b2b brands, colour coding is employed to make information a little easier to digest and navigate.

To allow the team to easily switch between the different brand colours, we developed the functionality of ‘brand themes’ so they can adjust the colour palette of each page, depending on the service or topics they’re discussing. Helping to differentiate between their different offerings and visually guiding the user to the information they’re looking for.

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Maximising leads with a customer-centric and seamless enquiry form

Due to the nature of the niche industry that BetMakers operate within, there is a long-term sales process that clients go through before committing to a solution. Therefore, developing a streamlined process for users to make enquiries was a key part of the challenge for this website design.

We developed a bespoke enquiry form to move users through the buying funnel with ease. The minimalistic design and distraction-free layout ensure that users are focussed on completing the form as efficiently as possible whilst navigation is seamless thanks to the bold neon pink buttons that guide users through the process. The lead generation form works to filter out low-quality leads by asking a few simple questions about the users’ enquiry and helps BetMakers to make more efficient decisions on how to progress with the sales process.

Meticulous migration to boost SEO

SEO migration is often overlooked in all the excitement of launching a new site but we understand the importance of ensuring that technical SEO techniques are implemented to give the best possible chances of increasing brand visibility and ranking highly within the SERPs.

Our SEO experts migrated the old site to the new with the utmost care and attention to detail. Ensuring that any redirects were meticulously conducted, URL structures optimised and additional technical SEO techniques were implemented to ensure that the new BetMakers site performed to the best of its ability, from the outset.


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5.0 from 47 reviews

Their team was responsive, their pricing was straightforward, and their designs were creative.

I value websites that offer an intuitive journey that results in a prospect engaging with us, and their design accomplished that. Their team was responsive, their pricing was straightforward, and their designs were creative.

Jennifer Conning

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