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Get to Know Beauty Flash

Beauty Flash is home to all your beauty and self-care needs; From makeup, skincare, haircare and overall wellness, Beauty Flash have got you covered!

Beauty Flash was founded in 2004 and since then, they have consistently grown their beauty brand portfolio, comprising some big-brand names such as Dermalogica. Beauty Flash ensures close and communicative relationships with brands to upkeep their offer of expert knowledge and trustworthy advice.

Having previously worked with Gorgeous Group, we’re delighted that they chose us once more to spruce up a new and worthy site for their business.

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Unique ‘Beauty Box’ Subscription

Migrating a unique feature of the website.

Limely stepped in and migrated the old Beauty Flash site onto the new one. We merged Beauty Flash onto the same platform as Gorgeous Shop, creating a multi-site that can all be controlled from the same space. This also gives our client the ability to apply singular or simultaneous updates across each site, giving them more control and making the whole process easier.

One challenge was to migrate Beauty Flash’s subscription box onto the new website, which was an extremely intricate and detailed process. Customers can now purchase the ‘Beauty Box’ subscription on the newly-built ecommerce site.

Including all your beauty necessities, the Beauty Box demonstrates Beauty Flash’s reputable stance in the industry, increases brand awareness, attracts customers and gives them all the more reason to return.

A Familiar Design for Loyal Customers

Creating a space that feels like home.

We migrated customers by reintroducing the familiar design of Beauty Flash’s previous site. Keeping the same logo, search bar and check out options encourages loyal customers to feel right at home with this welcomed sense of familiarity.

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Advanced Search with Searchanise

We installed Searchanise onto Beauty Flash’s new site to create a more tailored searching experience.

Now, as a user types a search, the search bar offers suggestions of results, allowing the customer to preview a product before they’ve finished typing it! How handy is that? Even if they make a dreaded typo, they’ll still find what they’re looking for!

Additionally, each product can be previewed with accompanying images which helps users visualise exactly what they’re after and find products with just a click of a button – none of that scrolling faff.

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Enhanced Checkout

Making a quick, two-step checkout.

Previously, the checkout space consisted of multiple steps which made it clunky and discouraged customers from filling out the checkout form. Limely implemented a two-step process with Magento 2 that makes the whole checkout process an enjoyable and easy one.

We also incorporated layered navigation, allowing customers to use filters to narrow down their search and find what they’re looking for in a quicker and more efficient way.

But we didn’t stop there! We also enhanced the header and footer and inputted trust signals on the top right to streamline customers to the checkout. The whole site now has one unified goal. With minimised distractions the site can now maximise leads, sales and conversions.

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SEO Migration

Our SEO manager worked his magic, smoothly migrating all the technical info.

Our SEO Manager got to work by redirecting mapping pages from the old site to the new site. This meant transferring and translating URL’s to ensure there were no broken links and guarantee that every user smoothly gets from one place to another without the confusing route.

We ensured high-level SEO checks, before and after the site went live, making sure that no stone was left unturned on the SEO front. We also migrated tracking scripts such as Google Analytics to transfer the same data of page visitors from the old site to the new.

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A Heavy Mobile-Focus

Building a site with a heavy mobile focus.

We’ve created a site that is optimised for mobile as well as desktop. This means that the site will run just as smoothly and open up just as fast on a mobile as it would on your computer. The content will adapt to mobile in a way that catches the eye, creating a personalised experience for your device.

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