Social Media Marketing For Accountants

Social media marketing is a key part of any marketing strategy

However, social media marketing often doesn’t spring to mind for accountancy firms as it doesn’t match the serious and professional essence of an accountancy firm. Social media often consists of a fun and conversational tone, tons of emojis and ‘off the cuff’ posts that are usually reserved for entertaining your audience and keeping up with current affairs. Many believe that social media is not the right space for professional accountancy firms to enter.

However, we’re here to dispel that myth! Social media marketing can be used by all and every type of business – it’s just about recognising how to approach and how to adapt your posts for your industry and more importantly, your audience. Here are just a few ways that your accountancy firm can successfully utilise social media marketing and smoothly integrate it into your marketing strategy.

Utilise your blog posts

If you haven’t already got an area dedicated to latest news articles and blog posts, we would highly recommend getting started before delving in to social media. If you’re struggling with ideation, we’ve gathered some engaging blog topics for your accountancy firm to get writing about! Posting about your latest articles on social media will help in your endeavour to demonstrate professionalism, passion and expertise in the industry. Not only that, linking your social media posts to your blog post will also contribute to your SEO strategy and enable you to reach more potential customers.

Blog topics could range from accountancy guidance, specialised knowledge and company updates which can then underpin your social media strategy. By using your blog posts as the inspiration for your social media posts, you can guarantee appropriate content that appeals to your target audience and further demonstrates your brand identity and tone of voice.

Get to know your audience

When the time comes to stray away from solely reposting your blog articles, you will need a good awareness and deep understanding of your target audience. Knowing who will be viewing posts makes it easier to adapt your content and encourage interaction from viewers. Look at your services and the type of clients that approach you – what kind of content would they like to see? What are their biggest problems? How can you solve them? Taking the time to map your customer journey and understand your ideal customer before stepping foot into the social media space is crucial to a successful strategy!

Show your human side

Social media marketing isn’t all about memes, making jokes and trying to be ‘down with the kids.’ It can also be a great way for businesses to show the people behind the desks and screens. Accountancy firms can easily keep up their professional and respected persona, whilst demonstrating that they appreciate their team and love where they work. Showcasing the faces behind the brand can be what sets you apart from similar companies in your industry, and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Advertise your services

The majority of us at some point will need accountancy services and many of us also spend a lot of time on social media. Instead of using your social media channels as an outlet for more casual posts, it’s a good idea to utilise it’s huge, eclectic audience to advertise your services. You could focus on your business as a whole or any individual services you may offer. This allows your followers to interact and even share your sponsored posts with anyone they might know looking to benefit from that kind of service. Using social media could be that extra boost your business needs to thrive and score returning clientele.


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