The Best Blog Topics For Your Accountancy Website

Having a blog area within your accountancy website can be extremely beneficial

Accountancy is a crucial service that provides all important aid for those wanting to efficiently pay their taxes and manage their finances. Therefore, it’s important that you equip your site with great content and articles to not only help potential clients find your services but to help them understand exactly you can do for them. All you need to do is write valuable blogs posts that will attract users and allow you to climb the search engine ranks. But have you thought of engaging and appropriate topics? We’re here to help.

To give you a taste of what you could be included in your accountancy news area, we’ve collated a list of potential blog topics that are relevant to your industry, provide informative content for your users and utilise important keywords that help with SEO.

Explanations of specialised jargon

Posting informative articles that explain the technical language your firm may use from day-to-day will demonstrate your professionalism, industry knowledge and also show that you care for your customers and their experience with your brand. Articles that answer common questions and theories within your industry also provide a brilliant opportunity to utilise keywords and boost your SEO efforts so your business can reach new audiences and attract more leads.

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Economic & political news

As industry specialists, no-one is better positioned to report on economic factors and political decisions that will inevitably affect your target audience and beyond. Frequently reporting on developments within the economy, changes to the law or financial news from larger accountancy firms will position you as a thought-leader in your field and builds your firm’s credibility. Soon enough you’ll be the go-to website for those looking for the latest industry news!

General advice

Don’t underestimate the value of providing general advice to your audience! Information that seems obvious and second nature to you could be the missing link for a potential client. Writing clear and concise articles that help your audience will demonstrate your trustworthiness, exceptional customer service and highlight your depth of knowledge.

Providing written solutions to general accountancy queries will also enhance the user experience, especially when these articles are used as points of reference for help and guidance within your website. This can be anything from, ‘How to submit my Self Assessment’ or ‘What you need to start your small business’.

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Current trends that relate to your industry

As well all the latest economic news, social media and news channels are a great way to keep up with the current trends that can be related to your industry. This might include the latest banking apps and other technology that is helping with taxes and managing money. Not only is this yet another great way to join in with the trending content, it also shows your passion and general interest for the industry which can contribute to building trust amongst your users.

Company news

Finally, your blog area is the perfect platform for informing your users of any company news or updates. This can range from news from your team, the latest innovations in your services or technologies and even your latest client collaborations. Not only does this improve your online presence, it also  shows your unique edge which will help you stand out amongst your competitors.

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