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When it comes to creating a brand new toy shop website, we’ve got a fair few tricks up our sleeves!

After working on a few projects for the renowned British toy brands; The Entertainer and Early Learning Centre, we’re pretty informed in terms of what makes an outstanding toy shop website as opposed to a good one. We’ve gathered our top 8 Shopify toy shop websites to inspire yours and we’re about to delve into toy shop websites with all of the bells and whistles needs to drive online sales.

1. Art Of Play

We thought we’d kick off our favourite toy shop websites with a bang! The Art Of Play ecommerce store is oozing with eye-catching animations, sophisticated features and beautiful design. High-quality photography showcases the brand’s design-led, premium quality and quirky products in their very best light. The website offers exceptional performance with lightning-fast loading times, streamlined navigation with advanced filtering capabilities and an overall, offers a thoroughly enjoyable shopping experience! Here are a few of our favourite things:

  • Muted yet vibrant bold brand colour palette is echoed throughout the site, enhancing brand identity and guiding users to where they need to go.
  • Image-led mega menu ensures users can quickly and easily discover new products in just a few clicks.
  • Animated product images are eye-catching and helpful for users as they demonstrate the toy’s features and uses.
  • Loyalty and rewards program encouraging customer loyalty and rewards users for shopping with Art Of Play, in a fun and engaging way!

2. Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug is an esteemed toy brand founded in 1988 with a mission to make meaningful toys that inspire open-ended play and develop children’s problem solving skills. Graphic-led imagery, an interactive mega-menu and playful, illustrative iconography work together to create a user-friendly, fun and engaging website that is interesting for both kids and adults alike! Here are some of our favourite features:

  • Multi-step gift finder tool allows users to browse products tailored to the age group and interests of the child they’re purchasing for.
  • Eye-catching promotional banners within the mega-menu encouraging engagement and enhance the user journey.
  • Excellent performance ensures lightning-fast loading times and a responsive website that delights users.
  • An accessibility icon seamlessly takes users to install free assistive technology to help with their ecommerce journey, promoting inclusivity and building trust with users.
  • Rewards program enables customers to build up points with every purchase and redeem them at the checkout, building customer loyalty and retention.

3. Little Wonder & Co

Little Wonder & Co is a sustainable and eco-conscious children’s toy and clothing brand who pride themselves on their high-quality, sustainable and inclusive products. Representation is a key pillar of their ethos which is reflected in the diversity of the dolls they offer including a range of ethnicities and dolls with down syndrome, highlighting their commitment to inclusivity. Their unique offering includes sustainable art supplies, organic rugs, furniture, bioplastic toys and baby essentials. Some of our favourite features of the website include:

  • The brand story shines through every aspect of this website with emotive imagery that tells a story and carefully crafted copy that resonates with site visitors, instantly building a relationship and instilling trust in the brand.
  • Simple navigation ensures that users can easily find what they’re looking for.
  • Minimal and sleek branding reflects the eco-conscious values of the brand and strengthen their online presence.

4. Milton & Goose

Milton & Goose prides itself on creating beautiful kids toys that delightful children and parents alike! Artisanal furniture, playroom storage and play kitchens are crafted with the utmost attention to detail, are built to last and designed to be passed down through generations, so parents and children can enjoy them for many years to come! The website itself is streamlined, fast and

  • Product bundles offer savings for customers and encourage conversions.
  • The site truly celebrates the handcrafted and artisanal nature of their products through high-quality photography and copy.
  • Wishlist functionality allows customers to save their favourite products and come back to them at a later date.

5. Toynk Toys

Toynk Toys was founded back in 2001 by a group of friends who were tired of the corporate grind and wanted to launch a brand focused on fun products. Their diverse product collection ranges from collectible items, board games and model kits all the way to costumes, comics and plush toys. Stocking some of the world’s leading brands including Disney, Marvel and Harry Potter, Toynk Toys have gone from strength to strength since their days selling toys from a small apartment in Chicago. Here are a few of the best features:

  • Announcement banner places trust signals front and centre to instantly instil trust when a user lands on the site.
  • Responsive web design ensures the website functions superbly on mobile devices.
  • Advanced search tool provides search suggestions, product suggestions and content suggestions to aid users in their search.
  • ‘Fandom Force Rewards’ enables users to climb through the reward levels; Sidekick, Hero, Legend and provides an incentive for customers to spend more to earn more and reach the next level. Gamifying their rewards program perfectly aligns with their target audience and is a fantastic marketing strategy to engage their audience and drive customer loyalty.

6. Mastermind Toys

Mastermind Toys was founded in Toronto back in 1984 and since then, have grown to become Canada’s leading toy retailer and sell over 150 million LEGO®  bricks every year! Their website is vibrant, colourful, engaging and offers an extremely streamlined shopping experience, allowing customers to quickly find the products they’re looking for. Playful promotional banners, a range of ‘Shop by’ options and an advanced mega-menu ensures that shoppers encounter a superior online experience, wherever they initially land on the site. Here are just a few of our favourite features:

  • Advanced product cards display all the information users need to make a purchase decision and a ‘quick add’ call-to-action encourages customers to add products to their baskets, directly from the category page.
  • An extensive gift finder tool allows users to filter gifts by budget, age, category and gender, streamlining the buying journey.
  • ‘The Playground’ offers a valuable content hub featuring gift ideas, national celebration days and toy guides to provide additional value to users and take advantage of content marketing opportunities to increase organic traffic and climb the SERPs.

7. American Girl

American Girl was founded with the purpose of ‘inspiring girls to grow up with courage, confidence and strength of character.’ The infamous American brand soared to success back in the 1980’s when founder Pleasant T. Rowland, wanted to empower girls to make their mark on the world through imaginative play and adventurous stories. The brand prides itself on inclusivity and offers a diverse range of dolls with a variety of skin tones, eye colours, hairstyles and and abundance of accessories including wheelchairs, service dogs, diabetes kits and more to ensure a girl can tell her own story and embrace their individuality. A few of our favourite features include:

  • Personalised experience and ‘Create your own doll’ functionality which allows users to customise their own doll all the way down to choosing the hair colour, whether or not the doll has freckles, glasses and even hearing aids!
  • High-quality resolution photographs show the products in their very best light.
  • An extensive digital content hub provides tons of inspiration for site visitors, from gift guides to kids’ party ideas.
  • The ‘virtual tour’ provides an immersive online experience for users by creating an interactive game so kids can engage with American Girl in the digital realm.
  • Seasonal graphics and promotional banners ensure the brand remains relevant and fresh, adapting to various different holidays including Galentine’s day!

8. Hasbro Pulse

If you remember being a kid, you’ll most likely remember the world-famous toy brand, Hasbro. Infamous for their action figures, Hasbro is responsible for some of the world’s most loved toys including iconic brands such as Marvel, Transformers, Star Wars and even Indiana Jones! For the first time in history, Hasbro is offering products Direct to Consumer in addition to selling through established retailers. The Shopify Plus ecommerce site is lightning-fast, informative and offers users a great experience! Some of the best bits include:

  • Hierarchical, layered navigation allows users to filter down their product search in several steps. Reducing overwhelm and eliminating friction points.
  • 3D renders of products highlight key features and create an immersive experience for customers.
  • Haslab is a fantastic crowdfunding platform within the website that allows customers to back new products and allows them to feel like part of the Hasbro family.
  • ‘Quick add’ button allows users to quickly and easily add a product to their basket, encouraging impulse purchases and improving that all-important conversion rate.

We hope you feel inspired by these excellent Shopify toy websites! They truly highlight the versatility of the Shopify platform. If you want to get started with your own, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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