Halloween Ideas: Top Tips To Boost Ecommerce Sales


With the spooky season on the horizon, we’ve gathered some brilliant ways to boost sales this Halloween.

Since 2004, Halloween spending has increased steadily with an average growth rate of 4.5%. Whether you’re an online clothing brand, coffee roaster or independent homeware retailer, there are hundreds of ways you can utilise the spooky season to boost your online sales this Autumn! So, give ’em pumpkin to talk about this year with our top ecommerce tricks…


1. Spectacularly Spooky Storefront

Get your customers into the spooky spirit by waving your wand and adding a dash of magic to your online storefront. Create a themed version of your logo, add accents of orange and replace existing symbols with pumpkins or ghosts for a tr-oo-ly spooky site

2. Wording Wizardry

Planning on writing Halloween themed content for your website? If not, think again! Writing valuable content such as blog posts is a brilliant way to boost sales this year. With Halloween themed searches increasing up to 500% between September and October 2021, it’s clear that any content related to Halloween will be lapped up around the globe!

Make your brand stand out by executing some wording wizardry throughout your website and ensure your call-to-actions are Halloween themed to push sire visitors one step closer to converting!


3. Fantastical Photography

Ecommerce is a hugely visual experience for consumers. Make yours a little more memorable with fantastical photography that oozes atmosphere and a touch of mystery.

Product photography doesn’t have to be boring! Even if your products or services are completely unrelated to the spooky holiday season, marketing them in such as way that makes them feel like part of the celebrations is sure to entice customers and attract more sales.


4. Tantalising Trick Or Treat Offers

Offer your customers some unusual offers this Halloween by creating interactive promotions! Why not create a randomised discount so customers don’t know whether they’ll receive a 10% or 70% discount at the checkout? This creates a sense of playfulness that will entice customers into adding products to their baskets and rushing to the checkout to see which discount they’ve won!

You could take it even further by creating a Trick or Treat offer that gets applied at the checkout – who knows if they’ll get a nasty surprise or real delight! Keep it lighthearted, upbeat and playful for the best chances of succeeding.


5. Eery Emails

Take advantage of email marketing this Halloween by creating eery emails that set you apart from the competition and help you achieve monster sales! Utilise Halloween themed email templates, spooky puns and every trick we’ve discussed so far to ensure your newsletter leaves customers yearning for more.

Scarily-good marketing language will draw attention to exclusive Halloween deals, so ensure you play on this with language such as ‘a deal to die for’ or ‘only treats here!’ to captivate your audience. Oh, and don’t forget to nail your subject line! Use eye-catching emojis (but not too many), creative copy and dynamic values to drive that all-important open rate.


There we have it – Our top tips for driving sales this Halloween. For more inspiration, tap here to see our favourite spooky marketing campaigns!


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