5 Work From Home Tech Trends Of 2022

Matt Briggs

As the working world continues to promote working from home, we’ve gathered the top tech trends from 2022 to make your WFH life, that little bit more enjoyable!

Since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, remote working has been increasingly exponentially. Whilst many believe that it’s the best way to work, it can also bring along some challenges. That’s why we’ve hand-picked our favourite tech accessories and devices to make sure that you not only enjoy your WFH life and are as productive as can be, but you’re also looking after yourself whilst doing so!

1 – Stand-up Desks

We know, we know! It doesn’t sound very enjoyable to stand up all day. But research shows that standing at your desk rather than sitting, not only lowers your risk of weight gain, heart disease and back pain, but also helps to improve your mood, energy levels and even boosts productivity. So next time you need a new desk, get yourself a stand-up one!


2 – Wearable Tech

Whilst smart watches have been around for a long while now, they’re absolutely brilliant for working from home for a number of reasons. Firstly, they can monitor your heart rate and warn you when you are experiencing increased stress or anxiety. Allowing you to take a step back when feeling overwhelmed.

Many watches such as the FitBit and Apple Watch also have mindfulness reminders so you can regularly practice breathing exercises and take control of your mental health. We’d go as far as saying that a smart watch is a WFH essential!

3 – iPhone Focus Mode

Another brilliant tool we’ve discovered for working from home is the focus mode on the iPhone. You can create a focus mode specifically for your working hours and during this time, you’ll be able to fully focus on the task at hand as the iPhone pauses notifications from the apps of your choice. No more distracting interruptions from Instagram or TikTok!


4 – Under-desk Treadmill

For those who love all things health and fitness, this one’s a no-brainer! An under-desk treadmill is perfect for keeping your energy levels up during your working day whilst also addressing your fitness. Talk about time collapsing! Considering that walking is proven to improve circulation, inspire creativity and increase productivity, it’s clear that an under-desk treadmill is going to make a huge difference when working from home. We’ll take them all!


5 – Laptop Stand

Okay, okay! We know this one might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people struggle on by without a laptop stand. If you’ve ever found yourself hunching over your laptop as you squint to read what’s on your screen, you need to get yourself a good quality laptop stand. This will bring your laptop up to eye level, reduce eye strain and improve your posture, we couldn’t recommend them enough!


There we have it! We hope these tech gadgets help you on your way to being your most productive, healthiest and happiest self when working from home. For more tech trends, news and gadgets, head to our blog!

Matt Briggs

Operations Manager

When Matt isn’t streamlining operations at Limely HQ, you’ll find him playing squash, running marathons and supporting his favourite football team ⚽️

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