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JPL Flavours


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A sophisticated & professional website design to drive leads

JPL Flavours approached Limely back in 2019 as they were in need of a new website. Fast-forward to 2023 and the brand has evolved so much that they needed a digital upgrade! We designed and developed an advanced, lead-generation website that reflects their ambitious goals and showcases both professionalism and expertise.

Advanced features increased engagement by 9.2%

Incorporating a range of elements including videos and high-quality photography amongst bold call-to-actions and a minimal website layout, led to increased organic engagement for JPL Flavours. Highlighting the importance of a clear, crisp and streamlined website design that allows users to instantly get a feel for the brand and quickly reach the information they need.

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Keyword research that increase organic sessions by 32.7%

Undertaking in-depth keyword research was integral to informing a sitemap that truly works for JPL Flavours. Not only did this enable us to craft a streamlined website that feels extremely intuitive to navigate, this also helps with increasing brand visibility in search engines thanks to the incorporation of keywords.

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Elevating JPL Flavours with a sophisticated rebrand

As JPL Flavours are an evolving family-run business who pride themselves on creating exceptional flavour solutions for corporate brands across the globe, a key priority for the new website was to reposition the brand as a professional and highly-experienced company. Utilising their vibrant green and orange brand colours, our designers refined and elevated the brand to ensure that the new site attracts the corporate clients they are targeting.

A streamlined 'Request a Sample' form to drive leads

We designed a distraction-free, streamlined and user-friendly ‘Request a Sample’ form that allows prospect customers to quickly and easily submit their interest. Vibrant orange ‘Request a Sample’ call-to-actions are dotted in prominent locations throughout the site to encourage users to get in touch and in turn, increase leads for the brand.

Increasing brand visibility with dedicated news area

A dedicated news area provides a key content marketing opportunity to increase organic visibility within the SERPs and ultimately, reach their corporate, target audience. By utilising the keyword research we undertook, JPL Flavours can now hone in on specific search queries that their customers are actively searching for and create content that provides valuable and relevant answers.


Enhancing UX with responsive design

Responsive design was employed to ensure that the new website provides a seamless experience for every user, no matter what device they visit the site from. Thumb-friendly navigation, a sticky menu and ‘Request a Sample’ button and lightning-fast page speed, ensure that every user encounters a superior mobile experience.

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Dedicated careers page to attract top talent

JPL Flavours want to attract, recruit and retain top talent in their industry. Therefore, we created a dedicated careers and culture page to house content that showcases what it’s like to work at the brand and displays all job vacancies in one place. Minimal, distraction-free design combined with vibrant call-to-actions ensures that users can seamlessly navigate the page and rapidly apply for a position.

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I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Limely as a digital agency!

We've just completed a website redesign with Limely.
Their creative vision, technical prowess and
responsiveness made the project easy to manage. They
genuinely listened to our feedback, ensuring the final
website was in line with our vision. The whole team is
friendly, approachable and always ready to assist, meeting
every deadline. The WordPress training provided was very
clear and empowered us to manage the site effectively. I
wouldn't hesitate to recommend Limely as a digital
agency and will definitely be using their services again in
the future.

Jake Lavelle

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