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Where Can You Buy Handmade Jewellery Online?

There are many high street jewellers out there

But the real gems lie in one of a kind handmade pieces that scream individuality.

Nowadays, everything you need to start making your own jewellery is readily available online! From tools, kits, and tutorials – anyone with a creative itch can begin crafting their own jewellery for their family, friends or to sell online to a much wider audience.

Selling your handmade jewellery online can take a fun hobby and make it into a flourishing business, and for people who love supporting independent companies doing their thing – it’s great to find unique and extraordinary pieces to fill their jewellery box.

With that said, we thought we’d bring you 5 places you can buy handmade jewellery in the hopes to amplify some independent business and give others some all-important inspiration!


Etsy is a popular selling site in which many people who offer handmade jewellery use to sell their products internationally. This enables anyone to be able to sell, which means you have a wide range of independent jewellery providers to choose from! However, there is no promising level of quality and reliability of the products and service, so it’s vital that you rely on those all-important customer reviews.


Similar to Etsy, eBay allows anyone to sell their wares so you have access to an abundance of sellers and therefore handmade jewellery.

Amanda Coleman

Amanda Coleman is an independent business which offers handmade jewellery based in the UK! Their website homes in on their unique handmade products, as well as the level of quality they guarantee. Coleman’s site allows you to make an account, create a wishlist and order the products from wherever you are.


Novica is an online marketplace based in the US which focuses on selling handmade products. It has a whole category dedicated to jewellery and allows creators to showcase their products and users to efficiently shop their range.

Katie Dean Jewellery

An independent seller based in the US, Kate Dean Jewellery offers a range of high quality, handmade products that are so lovingly displayed on their very own site. With the ability to create an account and effortlessly shop their products, they provide a great way to shop for handmade jewellery.

Feeling inspired? Come and talk to Limely about creating a way to sell your own handmade jewellery.

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