What Makes Effective Social Media Marketing for Estate Agents?

As well as a high-quality website, your Estate Agents should have a solid marketing strategy

Especially for social media.

Social media is your chance to speak to a universal audience, bring a surge of traffic to your site and ultimately produce leads. But what is the best way to utilise social media marketing as an estate agent?

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Regular posting

In order to gain all of the benefits of social media marketing, you should be posting regularly! This may call for constructing a solid social media schedule, in which prior to posting you would plan ahead for the week in order to ensure the upkeep of your online presence. This could be from between one to three times a week to just keep your audience engaged and your feed up to date.

Varied content

Alongside a solid posting schedule, your content should be varied in order to keep your audience on their toes. And with social media being such a varied platform, there is a long list of things you can post! From images of your office, featured properties, quick bits of news or even blog posts, you can keep your social media feeds fresh and constantly buzzing.


Whilst your social media posts are a great way to market to your audience and demonstrate your active presence, they should also be luring people back to your website. This means your posts should not just include engaging content, but a way in which they can lead customers to a specific page or featured property. By either including a link or instructive content, you can attract the user and also lead them where you want them to be.

Inviting interaction

Posting on your social media platforms in one thing, but having one that gains lots of attention opens up even more windows of opportunity. Thanks to the universality of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the more interaction and attention your posts get by your audience, the more that post will spread.

By inviting viewers to comment, like and share, your post can appear to not only your followers but your followers, friends, family and colleagues. This is a great way to spread the word of your agency and market to a huge audience.

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