What features make an effective Construction Company Website?

Your website can be made to be completely bespoke to your construction company

With each component to the web building process being adapted according to your brand and services. But did you know that there are some certain features that can be applied to your site that can be specifically tailored to users looking to utilise your construction website?

We’ve collated a list of our top 5 features that make for an effective construction company website – one that generated leads and provides the best user experience.

Detailed Enquiry Form

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As a construction company, odds are you offer a wide range of services – ones that can be adapted and altered to your potential client’s individual needs. Your enquiry form should reflect this in order to provide the best possible experience for the user. It should include different categories of service, clickable lists of potential areas of work and of course spaces in which the user can insert their own individual circumstances. This way, both you can quickly get down to business and see how your business can help the potential client.

Integrated Reviews

There is a multitude of platforms out there that allow your customer reviews to be displayed right there on your homepage. It’s a great way to not only demonstrate your level of services but helps evoke trust and reliability amongst new users.

For help with integrating the right reviews platform for you, click here to talk to Limely!

Client Portal

To provide a truly bespoke experience for your users, your website can provide a client portal in which users can use to access details like their project’s progress, invoices and who is working on their team. This can be accessed via a password and username and ultimately helps demonstrates your businesses professionalism.

Limely’s design and development team have plenty of experience creating bespoke portals for their clients. Click here to see some of our work!

Your Process

To further entice new clients, you could create a new feature in which stylishly displays your construction process. This not only lays out what the user can expect if they use your services but actively demonstrates your expertise and professionalism. This can be added to using images, animations and even bespoke graphics to really make it your own.

Case Study Area

Along with reviews, another great way to demonstrate your great services is to work at making a case studies area! This way, the new user can be provided with all the information they would need to see your work in action. From quality images, before and after shots and detailed descriptions, your company can show that you have nothing to hide, and show off what the potential client can expect if they decided to send over their enquiry.

Do you need help making your construction site the best it can be? Come and talk to Limely and you will be seeing the results in no time.

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