What Do You Need to Sell Handmade Jewellery Online?

Do you have a creative eye and want to break your way into retail with your own business?

Thanks to ecommerce, many people are realising that they can turn their crafty hobby into a successful retail business – especially when it comes to selling handmade jewellery.

Getting commissions and interest from family and friends may be the last straw that urges you to start selling your handcrafted journey online. But, what exactly do you need to take the leap?

A good range of products

Your jewellery-making may have started as a spare-time hobby; creating the odd commission for family and friends. When beginning to build a business to sell your handmade jewellery, it’s best to create a ‘line’ or a few of similar designs, in order to begin building a range of products that you can be recognised for.

This also involves narrowing down exactly what you would like to sell. Jewellery covers a wide range of products, from earrings, necklaces to rings and bracelets – it’s good to get a solid product range to appeal to a wide range of customers.

A selling platform that suits you

There are many ways to begin selling your handmade jewellery, and we have explored how to do so in a previous guide – click here to check it out!

But depending on how much you would want your business to progress depends on the selling platform you choose. Selling sites like Etsy and eBay are great for one-off sellers and can be a great way to break your way into the business. However, if you’re looking for a more solid platform in which to build your business upon, then investing in an ecommerce platform like Magento 2, Shopify or Woocommerce is the best way forward. These platforms allow you to build an efficient online store that does not only work well but acts as a home for your individual brand.

Here at Limely, we are experts at all of the above so if you’re ready to embark on your online journey, contact us today!

Great product images

In order to appeal to new customers and achieve sales, it’s important that you have attractive and high-quality product images. For handmade jewellery, this might include hiring models to wear your products or making sure you dress them with an appealing background in order to showcase them in their best light.

Not only should they look good to attract customers and represent your level of quality, but it is vital that the product images are of high quality as to not mislead any customers. This calls for a good, professional camera, or access to high-quality editing software. If you’re not able to get your hands on either of those, there are agencies out there that will work alongside you to produce images that will do your products.

The beginning of a brand

In order for your business to flourish, it’s a good idea to start building your brand so customers, old or new, can recognise your products and know where to return to. This involves creating a brand name, aesthetic and maybe even a logo. This will also make it easier for customers to find you online, and help ensure repeat business.

As an additional advantage, a great brand stemming from a logo and web content can help evoke trust and reliability amongst your customers – two vital attributes of a successful online store

If beginning to sculpt your brand sounds a bit daunting, don’t forget about the professionals that are there to help you! Like at Limely; our designers and creatives are highly skilled and can help bring your vision to life.

Packaging that reflects your services

Hopefully, the last point of contact between you and your happy customer is when they receive their package. So, you’d do well to make sure that your service leaves them feeling satisfied as this will urge them to not only return, but leave a review and even take pictures of their products for social media.

This means perfecting your packaging. Take pride in how your products reach your customers and you’ll be able to reap the benefits that it brings about. Having good packaging might include recyclable boxes, proactive packaging, inserted business cards and other forms of marketing and even a freebie. This will set the precedent for what kind of service they can expect from you and guarantee returning business.

Do you need a hand setting up an online store to sell your handmade jewellery? Come and talk to Limely!

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