Top Tips For Ecommerce Product Photography

When it comes to ecommerce, photography is paramount for a successful business.

Whether you sell trainers, beauty products, groceries or DIY tools, product photography is crucial to driving sales, improving customer trust and showcasing your products in their best light. With that said, we’ve gathered our best advice for ecommerce product photography so you can achieve the show-stopping results you dream of!

Hire a professional

If you’re truly committed to getting the best results, we’d highly recommend hiring an experienced product photographer. This will reduce wasted time and energy whilst ensuring you get the most beautiful shots that are likely to sell your products – what could be better than that?

Professionals will know exactly how to get a realistic photo of a product whilst making it look its absolute best, striking the perfect balance between enticing customers to purchase the item and showing it in an accurate light. Ultimately, this will encourage purchases whilst reducing returns.

Create a mood-board

Whether you are hiring a photographer or snapping some shots for your start-up yourself, creating a mood-board in advance of the shoot day will ensure all stakeholders are on the same page and will result in much more successful and consistent product shots.

When creating your mood-board, research brands that you aspire to be like and analyse why you love their photography. Is it the moody atmosphere, the clean, crisp shots, contrast within the images or the creative energy? When you pinpoint the elements that you love, you’ll be in a much better place to create your mood-board as you’ve identified what you want to include in your photos.

Consider lighting

An integral element to product photography is lighting. Whilst it can take years of practice to truly understand how lighting affects photography in terms of the hue, contrast, saturation and shadows, we’ve gathered a few tricks to give you a head start.

Provide size references

Whether it’s a flower, fruit, coin or another standard-sized object, including a size reference within your product photography is good practice as it will inform customers of the size of your product so they won’t be confused or disappointed when they receive something smaller or bigger than they imagined!

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Get creative

Creativity can’t be underestimated when it comes to photographing products. By using your imagination, you can transform even the most mundane of products into something engaging and somewhat extraordinary. Play around with backgrounds, colours, positions and props before the big shoot day to achieve the best results. Don’t forget that you must stay on brand so ensure you keep your core values and brand personality in mind when doing so!

Edit, edit edit

After the shoot itself, it’s time for editing! This is often the part of product photography that can be underestimated in terms of the value, time and skill needed to pull it off effectively. Once again, we’d hire a professional for this stage as even the smallest edit can make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of the photograph. Colours can be altered and both lighting and contrast can be adjusted to achieve your desired look.

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