Tips to Make Your Accountancy Website Stand Out

There are many accountancy firms out there most of which offer very similar services.

So when it comes to standing out amongst your competitors, there are a few things you need to do to ensure that you are attracting clientele. One surefire way of getting ahead of your competitors is to arm yourself with a website that becomes the deal-breaker when searching for the accountancy firm. But how do you do this?

Here a few things you should keep in mind that’ll make your website stand out and keep you ahead of the game.

Attractive, bespoke design

When it comes to designing your website, you need something that not only represents the essence of your firm but something that has never been seen before. When jotting your ideas down when it comes to laying the foundations for your design, take a look at what your competitors have been doing and attempt to think outside the box. This includes coming up with a unique, yet memorable logo and brand and then spreading that across your entire website to make it completely bespoke to you.


By approaching an agency like Limely, you have access to a team of designers who will take your ideas on board and create a mood board in which you can choose what design best suits you. Then, you’ll end up with a truly unique and bespoke website that users will immediately associate with your quality services.

Engaging Content

As well as attractive designs, your site should be filled with engaging, original content that not only informs and helps the user along their online journey but gives your firm its own voice. This can be exercised across your web page content or even in your blog area.

If you’re not the wordsmithing type, you can find help by getting in touch with a copywriter. As luck has it, Limely has a highly skilled content team who can adopt your brand voice and provide you with content that will be the perfect cherry on top of your site.

Quality images

To truly get the essence of your accountancy firm across to the user, you should be foiling your site with images of your team hard at work as well as your HQ. This not only tells the user that you’re a legitimate firm that can be trusted, but it allows them to put a face to a name and will make them feel more comfortable when approaching you for help.

Bespoke features

To truly set your website apart from your competitors, you should fill it with bespoke features that not only demonstrate your customer-centric approach but help your users benefit from your services. This can come in the form of online calculators, enquiry/contact forms as well as questionnaires that can be made to match the overall design of your site- allowing for a more personalised experience for the user – one which they won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

If you’re looking to apply bespoke features to your accountancy website, look no further than Limely! We’re equipped with an amazing team of designers and developers that can adopt your new-found style and great features that look great and work amazingly.

A solid marketing strategy

When you have a site that truly does your firm justice, then more people need to know about it! By using solid marketing techniques through social media, email marketing or even in office advertisements, you can sustain a great online presence that will draw the attention away from your competitors and funnel all enquiries and leads towards your services.

Are you looking for a knockout website for your accountancy firm? Come and speak to Limely today!

Jessica Slack

Content Marketing Executive

When Jess isn’t writing content for clients, you’ll find her painting in her art studio, walking in nature and enjoying delicious coffee ☕️

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