The Essential Features Every Accountant Website Must Have

What makes an efficient accountancy site can be narrowed down to a handful of general features.

But what makes a great accountancy site are designs, developments and features that have been strategically placed with accountancy and its clients in mind. It makes for a site that truly serves its purpose and helps accountancy firms demonstrate their quality of service. But what exactly should you be including in your accountancy site?

We’ve collated 5 key features that you should be including to ensure your accountancy website can perform at its fullest potential.

Services page

Apart from illustrating what exactly sets you apart from firms similar to yours, your website’s main purpose is to inform the user of your services. To tick every box when ensuring a high level of user experience, a page dedicated to housing your services is the best way to showcase what your firm can offer. It makes them easily accessible and can assist with SEO when those after your services are searching for exactly that. It provides the opportunity for your services pages to rank amongst the others.

About & Team Page

Same goes for the About page. It’s good to have separate pages for this kind of content as you don’t want it crowding your homepage. Instead, you should work on guiding those on your home page to your specific pages so the user can have the agency to find out more for themselves. Creating a whole About page dedicated to your firm is also a great way to create a space where you can truly demonstrate your unique attributes using images, content and CTA buttons guiding them to other important pages.

Enquiry Forms

Enquiry forms ensure that after your user has been drawn in by your stylish website and engaging content, that they can quickly and efficiently get into contact with your team. Being more effective than just offering contact information, enquiry/contact forms can be a great way to boost your levels of user experience and continue to upkeep your stylish, brand-specific designs that are laced throughout your website. It helps the user feel reassured that their message has been received and that they have a direct point of contact with your team – helping to reiterate trust and reliability for your firm.

Tax & VAT calculator

A handy tool made specifically for Accountancy websites, and are great for demonstrating your level of service and boosting your user’s experience. It enables the user to insert their own personal information regarding their own circumstances surrounding things like tax and VAT, and receive individualized results right there and then. Not only does it allow for a more personalised experience on your site, but provides the first point of contact between the user and your firm. It helps to successfully set the precedent of your business and its attention to client’s needs.

Informative Blog Content

A blog is a great way to boost SEO, reach out to your audience and demonstrate your expertise in the industry. It adds some humanity to your business; demonstrating the active presence going on behind the scenes. You can talk about a range of topics on your blog; from the latest company news to advice and guidance, allowing your websites to become a resource for those searching for accountancy related items. We’ve written guides all about the importance of content as well as what topics you can explore on your blog- you can find those below.

If you’re not the blog writing type – you can always get in touch with Limely to benefit from our content and copywriting services. Click here to see what we can do for you!

Client Testimonials

Integrating a reviews platform within your accountancy website allows your display your client reviews. This allows the user to view real comments from other users which lets them know of the validity of your quality services, and will reassure them that you’re a firm in which they can be trusted and relied upon. This can also be achieved through making past case studies a key feature of your website as you proudly showcase the level of service and professionalism you have given to your previous clients.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for an agency to create you a flawless site for your accountancy firm, then look no further than Limely.

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