The Best Ways To Sell Handmade Jewellery Online

Many people are finding that making their own jewellery is a lot simpler than first thought

Earrings in particular have proven to be very easy to make thanks to the tools and the kits available online. With this said, there are many independent sellers out there who utilise their creative flair to make their own earrings and sell them online.

But to those just starting out, the struggle can be trying to source the best platform to do so. With this said, we’ve brought you a few places online in which you can sell handmade earrings in order to bring inspiration and help you on your way!

Social media

One of the easiest ways to sell your handmade earrings is on social media! Many people who want to make money from their handmade earrings to opt to use things like Facebook Marketplace and Instagram to advertise and sell their products. Although a great way to start out, it doesn’t provide a solid means of selling your wares and building your business and clientele. A starting point nonetheless!


Another great starting point, Etsy is a selling site which allows you to make an account, and begin selling your products. A platform that evokes a lot more trust and reliability for the customer, it’s certainly a great way to start building your brand and customer base.


Similar to Etsy, eBay is a selling site which allows anyone to sell their wares, so could be a great place to begin selling your handmade earrings. However, it doesn’t allow you to showcase your unique brand and individuality, and your business will heavily rely on customer reviews.

Your own website!

The best way to sell your earrings and potentially build a business from it is to create your own site! There are many ways in which you can do this but if you’re looking to build an online store that truly represents your unique brand, you can approach an agency like Limely!

Here at Limely, we’re big advocates of ecommerce platforms like Woocommerce, Shopify and Magento 2 as they allow us to build effective and bespoke sites that allow our clients to efficiently sell their products and continue their success. If that sounds appealing, click here to see what Limely could do for you!

Are you thinking about selling your handmade earrings and starting your own business? Contact Limely today to tick, ‘amazing online presence’ off the list.

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