Selling Affordable Jewellery Online

Thanks to the tools available online, anyone can now start making their own, affordable jewellery!

For some, it can just be a hobby in which you exercise your creative edge and for others, it can be the start of a brand new business venture.

Whether you’re an independent seller completing commissions for friends or looking for space for your affordable jewellery business to grow – both can take the necessary steps to make the move to online and ecommerce!

But, whatever your circumstance, how you might go about selling affordable jewellery online might seem a bit daunting. So, we’re here to present you with the main steps you need to take to begin selling your jewellery online and springboard your business.

Find a suitable selling platform

The first step to being able to sell your affordable jewellery online is finding an ecommerce platform that suits you and your business.

There are many ways you can sell online, and depending on the stance of your business and where you would like it to progress determines which one you would need to pursue. If you wanted to keep selling your jewellery as just a past time, you might find that using an online marketplace or selling site would suit your best. These allow anyone to sell their wares in a secure and efficient manner, and many are free to use.

However, if you’d like to see your jewellery business soar, you would benefit from having your own website and online store. This can be achieved through template sites if you’re looking for a speedy setup, but if you really want to make waves, you need to create your own, bespoke website that you can control and sculpt to your business.

Alternatively, find an agency

If your own bespoke online store sounds right up your street, you could find an agency to cover all bases and make sure that each aspect of your store meets your expectations. Working with an agency means you are guaranteed to be left with an online store which not only works like a dream but provides an online HQ that screams nothing but the style and aesthetic of your business.

It will be a great way to reflect your levels of service and product quality and will help boost business and sales. When selling affordable jewellery, no expense should be spared putting focus on making the shopping experience reflect the luxurious and attentive service.

Are you looking for a bespoke online store that ticks all the boxes? Come and talk to Limely.

Quality product images

Just because your jewellery may be cheaper than other more high-end retailers doesn’t mean they should be showcased as so. High-quality product images of your products will show the customer that you’re selling affordable yet quality products, enticing their custom and boosting sales. High-quality images will show the passion you have for your products and help evoke trust amongst your customers.

Maintaining a great shopping experience

As mentioned above, although your jewellery is affordable, the service you provide should always be that of the highest quality. To ensure repeat business and continuous sales, you should apply undivided attention and effort into making the customer’s shopping experience a great one. This means providing all the content and product descriptions they would need, perfecting the basket and checkout area, and most importantly providing a secure and safe way to pay.

Marketing your affordability

When selling your affordable jewellery, you have a very attractive selling point – the affordability! So, when creating your marketing strategy, be sure to make your affordable, quality products the focal point of your marketing. Whether it’s social media or email marketing, you can entice your customers with your quality content, your attentive service and your affordable, quality products.

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