Our Top 10 Beautiful Jewellery Websites

Jewellery has long been one of the most popular gifts for special occasions. But as jewellers make their way online, it’s key that their websites reflect their beautiful jewels!

There are many online jewellery retailers – some are very well-known brands that have cracked their way into the world of ecommerce with ease whilst others are independent sellers who have built their jewellery businesses solely from their online presence.

With that said, we thought we’d gather our all-time favourite jewellery website designs to give aspiring jewellers some stunning inspiration!

Tiffany & Co

A dominant force in the jewellery industry, it’s only natural that Tiffany & Co have a beautiful, fast and responsive website that delights customers. Their branding is elegant and timeless but packs a punch with accents of their classic Tiffany blue which help to guide the user and highlight key trust signals.

Key features such as book an appointment and client care are elegantly presented within the website design but remain easy to navigate. Whilst high-quality product photography allows each piece of jewellery to truly shine against and the ‘quick view’ feature makes browsing seamless for users. Overall, we love the classic, clean and elegant feel to the site along with its intuitive navigation seamless user experience.


Orelia’s website design embraces simplicity and allows their beautiful products do the talking. Simple site navigation along with efficient categorisation leads to a seamless customer journey where the user can quickly and easily find the product they’re looking for.

Vintage Pink 

Vintage Pink rose to fame on social media so their website is a really interesting one to look at. The Vintage Pink brand is witty, youthful yet sophisticated, highlighted by their stunning photography which adds personality and character by not focusing solely on the products themselves, but the women who are wearing them. The design is simple but expertly utilises brand colours and a strong tone of voice throughout the website to connect with users and ultimately, encourage sales of their vintage pieces.

Gatsby Jewellery 

Similar to Vintage Pink, Gatsby Jewellery is also steeped in celebration of vintage jewellery and the stories behind each piece of beautiful jewellery. Products are categorised by the vintage era they’re from which aids the user experience as they can quickly find the products they’re interested in. Trust signals are scattered throughout the website and bespoke iconography is utilised to further demonstrate the brand’s credibility and trustworthiness.

Ivy Rose

Ivy Rose Jewellery utilise minimal design and simple product imagery to provide an effortlessly chic site to represent their stylish jewellery brand. The website appeals to those with effortless and minimal fashion style and the site navigation is simple to reflect this. Ivy Rose utilise their press and influencer endorsement with their ‘as seen on page’ which aids to promote their credibility and encourages conversions.

Blackcurrant Pop

Taking inspiration from the ever-growing Y2K trend that has taken over the lives of millennials and gen-z over the last few years, Blackcurrant Pop have hit the nail on the head when it comes to appealing to their target audience. Their use of creative imagery is key to the success of their website and works perfectly in sync with their youthful, upbeat and tongue-in-cheek brand.

The use of emojis throughout the website once again targets their young audience and their personalised jewellery offering sets them apart from competitors. Overall, the website oozes authenticity and vibrancy – two key components to standing out in the online space.


Founded in 1798, Boodles are a longstanding jewellers based in Chester. Steeped in elegance, beauty and radiance, the Boodles website reflect their brand and premium fine diamond products. Creative photography and videography appears throughout the website which strengthens their online storefront and brand identity. Their ‘behind the scenes’ page gives users an insight into the design and jewellery crafting process which further demonstrates their premium quality and attention to detail.


If you haven’t heard of Pandora, you really have been living under a rock haven’t you? Possibly the Queen of online jewellery gifts, Pandora has its website perfected down to a tee with the user experience always the top priority. Easy site navigation, multiple call to actions and various trust signals throughout the site lead to many conversion opportunities whilst the clean design ensures the jewellery is the thing that shines throughout the site.

Wolf & Moon

Handmade and independent jewellery designers Wolf & Moon have designed their website to reflect the brand’s creative flair, free spirited nature and appreciation for craftsmanship. Throughout the website, creative product photography is utilised to reflect this and their core values of celebrating individuality. The online shop is easy to navigate whilst the ‘our story’ page is brilliant for highlighting the meaning behind the jewellery brand and will aid in customer loyalty – this is possibly our favourite site!


Daisy jewellery utilises seamless navigation via a multi-level mega menu which allows users to easily find the product they’re looking for within the large inventory. Within product pages, customer reviews are displayed to instil customer trust and payment plan options are promoted to encourage conversions. Overall, this jewellery website strikes the perfect balance between creatively showcasing jewellery and driving sales – we think that’s a win win!

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