How to take your Estate Agency Online

With the majority of us searching for properties online, the pressure for Estate agents to have a sufficient website is forever mounting

That said, the time to create an online space for your estate agency that truly represents your high street agency is now. Creating an estate agency website that boosts your business is certainly easier said than done. But with the right tools, software and knowledge, a website that does nothing but effectively take your services online, generate leads and springboards your agency’s success, can be achieved. We’ve collated 5 top tips that will help kickstart your agency’s journey online.

Source an agency

In order to make sure that your online venture is ticking every box, the best option would be to source a web agency. A web agency is guaranteed to be equipped with the best in the business in which have been chosen due to their particular skill and passion for their area – areas of which can include design, development, content and marketing. By working alongside an agency, not only are you ensuring that every aspect of your online space is technically sound, but that your vision and brand voice are being rightly reflected throughout your website.

Capture your voice

As an estate agency, you are sure to have a long list of competitors offering a very similar service. This means working extra hard towards other aspects of your online presence to make sure you’re making users aware of why they should opt for your particular services. One way you can make sure of this is through strategic, well-written web content that doesn’t just inform your users on your agency and its services but effectively captures your individual tone – one that should resonate with that of your highstreet presence.

Snap some pictures

To truly bring your high-street agency to life online, it’s best to fill your website with pictures that summarise your office, team and what makes you unique. This calls for investing in a high-quality camera, or even a photography service, to capture your agency at its best angles in order take all of your professionalism, expertise and friendly, attentive team to your online space. Including real pictures from inside your office helps to evoke trust and reliability amongst your users and helps them put a face to a name.

Secure a marketing strategy

In order to hit the ground running with your new online space, it’s vital that you secure a marketing strategy that will do your agency justice and boost your online presence. This includes developing strategies for social media, content and email marketing to make sure you are utilising the universality and reaching as wide as an audience you possibly can. Marketing takes time, effort and attention to detail, and if there is no one on your current team who has the ability to pour everything they have into your marketing strategy, then it may be time to source external help.

Work on your SEO

Alongside your marketing, it’s important that your online presence is supported by a secure SEO strategy in order to tie everything together. Making sure you’re utilising aspects of SEO such as researched keywords, effective meta titles and descriptions will ensure that you are reaching the right people and that your agency can get the attention it deserves.

Are you looking to efficiently take your estate agency online and need some help? Well, you should know by now where to come.

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